Everything isn't always what it seems.


1. Monster



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Help! Suzzie, she’s after us,

She’s gone mad!

The closet is cold and we can’t stay here forever,

We can hear her rhythmic foot steps outside the door sometimes

And the patter of the hideous person she is holding tightly in her arms

Sometimes she yells sharp,

Screaming words that we can’t comprehend.



Help! Suzzie, she’s after us,

 We had to be sly and move under the bed now,

The help she called was planning on looking in the closet,

We can hear them,

Even still.



Suzzie! She’s gone,

The lights are out and she is nowhere to be found,

No it’s our time to move,

We’re standing over the little devil now,

She must pay for putting us through this hell!

Her little Barbie doll is still tightly gripped in her hands,

The little pig tales,

It thinks they call them,

Are tied with a grotesque colour,


Tell you what happens bye.





We’re coming down now,

She was worth the hassle,

Believe me,

We yelled,


And hovered,

Over her and when she finally awoke,

She saw our yellow eyes and screamed

The words she has screamed many times before,


We’re still laughing,

See you soon suzzie.



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