Vivian Is a lifeguard at the beach what happens when a someone starts too "drown" and she has to perform CPR on a particular member of a popular boy band
What happens next with them?


7. Your Idea Of Doing Something Crazy?

(Vivian's POV)

Liam came up with the idea of going bowling we got into Harry's range rover I sat in the back with Louis. Niall and Liam in the middle and Zayn sitting I the front with Harry they were each I. A deep conversation but me and Louis. I was still upset about earlier talking about the little boy. I was looking out the window when I felt a hand slip into mine
I looked at the our hands and then up and connected eyes with Louis he put two fingers under my chin and lifted it up
"Chin up" he whispered Harry had music on our conversation was private, I smiled at him he winked
"So Liam, is it going to be a fun bowling alley? Or one of those boring ones?" Louis asked Liam turned a little Louis let go of my hand. I didn't feel offended maybe he didn't want Liam or anyone to get the wrong idea...
"Well Louis please enlighten me on what your idea of a fun bowling set up is" Liam said
"Does it have rides?"
"Yeah doesn't every bowling alley?" Liam said
"That's all I wanted to know" Louis said
Liam chuckled and turned around.
Louis slipped his hand into mine again
We arrived at the bowling alley
"When we get in as soon as I find the rides sign follow me running towards them and we will get on a ride to hide from the boys ok?" He whispered on my ear we were behind everyone
"Don't we need tickets?" I whispered
"No I googled it" he whispered back
We got in I guess Louis found the rides sign he nudged me and started running I followed behind him Liam and Zayn calling after us, we kept running
"Which one?" I asked him
"The blowup slide!" Louis said pointing their was music playing and it happened to be 'what makes you beautiful' it was just starting Louis took my hand and ran me towards the blowup slide he started to climb first but fell he let me go after that I almost fell once but he put his hands on my waist to keep me up I felt myself blushing.
We climbed up to the top and were sitting there
We looked down and saw 4 guys standing at the gates arms crossed across their chests
In this order
Harry Liam Zayn and then Niall
Me and Louis sat at the top
"Come down guys!" Zayn yelled up
"No you look mad!" Louis called down
"We're upset but not mad!" Zayn called up again
"I'm good up here how about you Vivian?!" He yelled so they could here
"I think I'm good up here away from you guys!" I called down
"I guess" Harry said walking in the gate with Liam
"We're just going to have to come up there!" He added
"Ok come on Vivian's the princess and I'm the dragon protecting here in her tower!" Louis called up
"A dragon huh?!" Zayn said coming in the gate followed by Niall Harry Liam Zayn and Niall were halfway up
Louis clutched my hand.
"When they get up keep hold on my hand and were gonna slide down" he whispered
"Ok" I whispered back they reached the top and me and Louis slid down and ran and hid in the jumping castle full of kids we hid in the corner
"What's the plan if they find us?" I whispered
A little girl came over
"Are you Louis Tomlinson?" She asked Louis
"Um yeah but shh were hiding from the rest of the boys" Louis said she smiled at me
"Are you Louis' girlfriend?" She asked Louis chuckled
"Cha she wouldn't go for a guy like me" Louis said
"Clare came on were leaving!" A women said from outside the gates
"I have to go now nice meeting you Louis and whats your name?" She asked me
"Vivian and it was nice meeting you Clare" I said Louis have her a hug after she asked and to my surprise she wanted one from me, after she left I looked at Louis
"Why don't you think I would ever go for a guy like you?" I asked
"Talk about it later" he said
"Ok" we watched as the boys passed the jumping castle Louis put me on his shoulders so I could peek over the top I saw them go into another jumping castle as it erupted in screams
Louis went out first and took my hand and helped me out of it we lined up for a mini roller coaster we were just getting on when the boys came out of the jumping castle
"What ever you do don't let those 4 guys in ok?" Louis said we got onto a cart and the ride started the boys were waiting at the doors
"Keep going" Louis said to the guy as we passed him
I smiled and laughed me and Louis put our hands up
"Weeeee!" We shouted the little kids infront of us were looking at us like we were retarded well let me re say that EVERYONE on the ride was looking at us like we were idiots
When he finally had to stop the ride the boys stepped in and came around to me and Louis' cart we looked the other way like we didnt see them then Zayn came sound to my side and tugged me out of the cart and out me over his shoulder Harry and Liam were carrying Louis like a prisoner we walked by the guy who was running the roller coaster
"Sorry for the inconvenience" Niall said
I giggled from onto of Zayn's shoulder
Then the boys brought us back to a really boring game of bowling Louis kept making funny faces at me it was kindove of fun I had to admit.

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