Vivian Is a lifeguard at the beach what happens when a someone starts too "drown" and she has to perform CPR on a particular member of a popular boy band
What happens next with them?


10. The Walmarket

(Vivian's POV)

Zayn and I were at a red light to preocupie ourselves Zayn was singing some random songs

"I'm getting tired of hearing myself sing lets tun on the radio" He said and reached over I reached over at the same time when our hands touched I pulled away and let my heart calm down am I seriously going to have feelings for all the boys? -_- 

The song 'I'm Coming Home' By Diddy and Skylar Grey and old one but Zayn seemed to enjoy it he turned it up

he lipped along the words he was wearing Those raybands that look like 3D glasses and he looked so cute in his black jeans with the blue Jack Wills T-shirt and black nike high tops his hair in its usual Quiff with a little bit on blond in the front. I didnt think I looked that bad either, wearing black skinny jeans and a cream colored tank top my bangs pulled back in a black headband with a black boe ontop and cream colored toms

We pulled into Walmart and Zayn got out first and I got out of the car not giving him the chance to be a gentlemen and open my door because there were poparazzi guy taking pictures of us Zayn stopped at the cart thing and got one out and sat in it

"Push me" He said I smiled but pushed him inside ike he was my kid he was leaning against the spot nearest to me and his feet were at the end he had to curl up to fit in

"Where do I go?" I asked

"CD section Duh" he said I flicked the back of his head lightly

I pushed him down the halls everyone staring half because He was Zayn Malik and the other half was because he was sitting in a cart while I pushed him and we are both 19.

I was pusing him towards the CD racks when i looked down and caught him with his head keaned back looking at me. I was looking into his eyes when I crashed into a rack of chips they fell to the ground I looked around and quickly turned it away from the mess and walked away Zayn laughing his cute laugh I went into the CD section

"Anything in particualer Zayn?" I asked

"Nope But try to find Justin Bieber's new album Niall wants it" He said

Zayn's phone started to ring he answered it and put it on speaker

"Yeah, what do you need Harry and were not here for your boring magazines" Zayn said Harry chuckled

"I dont want magazines Niall told me to tell you he wants the deluxe box set with the dog tag braclet and the album" He said Zayn chuckled

"Tell him Vivian is on the hunt for it" He said

"Are you with her?" he asked

"Yeah she pushing me in a cart" Zayn said

"Shes pushing you in a cart?" Harry asked

"Yep" I said stopping and showing Zayn an album he shook his head I sighed and put it back

"Am I on speaker?" He asked

"Yep" I said Again started to push Zayn further down the isle

"So what have you guys picked up so far?" Harry asked

"Nothing cause Zayn is picky" I said

"Am not" he said

"Are too" I said

"Am not!" he yelled making everyone stare at us

"Guys please!" Harry said Me and Zayn smiled at each other.

"Relax Harry we werent fighting" Zayn said as he pointed out an album it said

'Flo Rida's Greatest hits' I picked it up and put it in the cart I picked up Taylor Swifts album he titled his head and bit his lip

"Its weird cause I know her" he said

"You know Justin" I said

"Fine throw it in" he said I put it in and we moved on

"Stop" Zayn said I stopped and he pointed at an album

"I want that can you please hand it to me?" He asked I nodded and took it off the shelf and handed it to him

"Thanks" He said

"What is it anyways?" I asked

"B.O.B's CD" he said

"Oh I love him and Taylor Swift's combo 'Both of us' its awesome" I said he flipped it over

"Thats on here" He said he nodded to himself and put it down with Taylor's album

"I'm still here dont forget about me" Harry's voice came threw the speaker

"Dont worry we didnt" Zayn said

"What are you two up too?" Louis' voice cane threw the speaker

"Nothing Lou just what we left to do" Zayn said

"Did you get Believe?" Niall's voice came threw

"Looking for it"

"Ok but make sure you get it" He added

"Yep got it Ni its our official life mission" I said, Zayn laughed. I smiled and looked over the shelves

We were still still talking with Niall when I screamed which brought attention to us

"What?" Zayn asked

"I found it!" I squealed

"Found what?" Niall asked

"Believe!" I said ecitedly

I heard Niall cheer from the other end along with Liam,Louis and Harry.

1 Hour later....

(Vivian's POV)

Me and Zayn rolled into cheak out he was still sitting in the cart he put all of the CDs on the moving thingy and he smiled and nodded at the worker she blushed probably knowing who he was

"Is this it?" she asked

"Yep" He responded he paid from the cart which made me laugh Poparazzi came and snapped a few pictures Zayn acting like he didnt notice

"Roll up a bit please babe" he said I rolled up and he grabbed the bags and put them by his legs we must have got 100 albums

he looked so cute I pushed him out the doors and we got to the car I loadd them all in while Zayn sat in the cart I helped him out of it we got into his car again and he started the car he turned on the radio and blasted starships by Niki Minaj

we were fianally on our way to my house.
















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