Vivian Is a lifeguard at the beach what happens when a someone starts too "drown" and she has to perform CPR on a particular member of a popular boy band
What happens next with them?


2. The apology

(Vivian's POV)
I sat in the look-out bored again throwing pebbles in a can keeping an eye out of course.
There was a knock at the door I rose and opened the door and what I saw I half smiled it was Harry leaning against the door way with a Nando's bag in his hand
"Can I come in?" He asked I tilted my head and bit my bottom lip he started tilting the bag side to side
"I brought food" he said smirking a little
"I can see that" I said
He stood up straight
"Look I know you can get bored up here" he said I raised my brows
"You do how?" I said
"I was a lifegaurd for a short time" he said
"Oh sure for what beach?" I said
"This one" he said
"Oh isnt that a quinkedink?' I said glancing at the Nando's bag
"What do you got?" I asked
"Chicken and frys" he said I stepped aside
"Enter" he walked in and put the bag on the desk the sun light co,ing in making him squint and his skin glow he looked around and went to the hooks where other staffs jereys hung he looked threw them and took one off the hook and shook it off
Then he turned it around and my mouth dropped as I glanced at the smirk on his face and then back at the jersey which said
'Styles' on the back
"Told you" he said
"I believe you now" I said
He took off his shirt
"Hey what are you doing?" I asked he had a nice body
He smirked and put the jersey on they were muscle shirts so I could see his muscles
"I'm going to help you" he said
I looked him over
"How are you supposed to save a life in skinny jeans and converse?" I asked him looking at his black skinny jeans and white converse
"Oh right well I don't know I'm good at CPR" he said sitting in my chair putting his feet up and winking at me
"Shut up" I said smiling I sat on the desk looking at the busy beach everyone seemed to be ok
He handed me a piece of chicken I bit into it
"Thanks" I said he took one and bit into it with out looking away from me chewing
He stood up looking out the window the jersey falling loosely I played with the locket around my neck and looked at Harry the way the sun hit him it would make I good picture I quickly grabbed my iPhone off the desk and snapped a quick shot and locked it
I saw a smirk build on his lips
"I saw that" he said my face got hot
"Sorry I just thought it would make a good picture" I said
He turned to me
"Relax it's not like I'm going to file a restraining order against you" he said I giggled
"Am I forgiven?" He asked walking towards me I stood up
"I don't know it takes more than Nando's" I said smiling
He stepped forward there was only a little bit of space between us
"Like what?" He asked
We leaned in when I heard screaming I looked out of the window and there was a lot of companion going on
"Come on" I said as we ran out of the look out we ran towards the water we hit the water Harry didnt even stop to take off his shoes he was faster than me he hit the water first and swam towards a drowning little boy he swam him back and carried him bridal style over to me
And laid him down on his back I listened for breathing there was none I started chest compressions I tried mouth to mouth and there was still no response I tried chest compression Harry stopped my hands with his
"he's gone" he said lightly I looked up into his eyes and down at the boy
"No, No, No! He can't be Harry do something!" I cried
"We can't we weren't fast enough" Harry said I looked back into his reassuring green eyes the mother pushed her way threw
"My boy!" She cried
Harry sat back and shook his head, I took the women's hands in mine
"He's gone I'm so sorry" I said she cried into his chest
I looked at Harry and he shook his head.
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