Vivian Is a lifeguard at the beach what happens when a someone starts too "drown" and she has to perform CPR on a particular member of a popular boy band
What happens next with them?


4. Sleepover at Harry's

We walked in it was completely dead no one was awake
"That's weird they are usually up late I guess they just got bored and went to bed" Harry whispered
"Oh sounds reasonable" I whispered back I followed Harry up to his room
"Uh Harry" I whispered
"Yeah?" He said
"I have nothing to wear to sleep" I said
"Right you can wear some of my stuff" he said looking at me
"Uh sure"
"Ok give me a second" he said and walked into his closet flicking on the light, he came back out with grey track pants and a black Rolling Stones shirt I changed into the clothes into his bathroom
I walked back put when Harry was pulling the shirt over his head he popped his head threw and flipped his curls I bit my lip he smiled when he saw me
"You look cute" he said walking up to me and putting a hand on my waist
"So do you" I said he smiled
I covered my mouth as I yawned
"Are you tired V?" He asked
"Very where's your bed?" I asked
"Um right infront of you" he said I giggled
"Sorry I sometimes say stupid things when I'm tired" I said
"It's ok" he said he lifted me up by the waist I wrapped my legs round his waist wrapping my arms around his neck he lifted me over to the bed I let my legs fall onto the bed but kept my arms around his neck he chuckled as I wouldn't let him go I pulled him onto the bed he layer ontop of me his warmth and scent driving me crazy
I kissed his neck his kissed mine he rolled off of me onto his back I cuddled up to him he wrapped his arm around me
"Good-night" he whispered
"Good-night" I whispered back
He kissed my fore head as I drifted off into sleep.
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