Vivian Is a lifeguard at the beach what happens when a someone starts too "drown" and she has to perform CPR on a particular member of a popular boy band
What happens next with them?


11. Packing.

(Vivian's POV)

Zayn pulled into my drive way after I told him where to go
"Let's do this quickly I don't wanna hold you guys up" I said
"Alright" he said we walked into my house and into my room I grabbed my suitcase and Zayn went into my drawers to get out sweaters
"Ooh" he said I turned to see him holding my underwear he smiled and put them on the top of the dresser
"Put those in the yes pile" he said I giggled but walked over and have him a shove
"No panties for you Malik go not the bathroom and grab my brush and stuff please" I said
"On it boss" he said and walked out of the room I was still smiling from what he said it was funny.
I threw a bunch of undies and thongs in there and just for the heck of it I threw the pair Zayn said he liked in there I grabbed a couple sweaters and some pants skinny jeans and yoga pants and leggings I threw sandals and toms in a bag to keep them from scuffing up my clothes and threw a few shirts in to and a few beanies I went into the bathroom to see what Zayn was doing and he was fixing his hair with my Ex's hair gel
"Hey Malik!" I yelled he flinched I laughed
"What are you doing did you get my stuff?" I asked
"I forgot" he said with a smirk I went back into my room and grabbed a mini bag I walked back into the bathroom and pushed my may past Zayn he stumbled and fell into the bathtub I laughed
"I am so sorry" I said he chuckled
"its alright" he said getting up and brushing himself off
"I really am sorry are you mad?" I asked
"No I'm not mad" he said smiling
"Cause now I get revenge" he said
I swallowed hard and filled my bag with all the stuff I needed and walked back into my room followed by Zayn, I put the bag in and my bag wouldn't close
"Here" Zayn said he lifted me up by the waist and put me ontop of it and he zipped it up I watched as he watched the zipper go all the way around.
"You know your a very sweet guy" I blurted out
"I try my best" he said
"No but you really are" I said he took my hands and helped me off he carried my bag for me
"You know being quiet sticks that on you" he said I smiled
"I guess so" I said
We got out of my house I locked it and we put my bag in the trunk I kissed his cheek
"Thanks" I said his cheeks went a little rosey
We got into the car
"Ready?" He asked
"Yep" I replied and then he started his car and pulled out of my drive way.
I pulled out my phone and went on twitter for the first time in ages and the One Direction fan follow profiles I followed showed pictures of me and the boys but there was one I actually saved onto my phone it was a picture of me laughing at Zayn when he was paying from inside the cart.
I went onto my profile and I had so much more followers it showed pictures of me and Louis too at the bowling alley people were calling me
"One Direction's Girlfriend" claiming I was dating them all.
I had mentions like
Is Harry good in bed? And is Louis a good kisser
I didn't reply to any of them. I just got off and locked my phone and sighed
"Come on Viv were here" Zayn said we got out
Zayn grabbed my bag for me we walked back into the house there were two stair cases one against each wall and the were curved and met up too a set of big doors that was supposed to be a master bedroom but the boys made it an "everything" room and their rooms were down the halls
"Are you ready boys?!" Zayn yelled it echoed threw the huge house
"Don't you have to pack?" I asked him
"No the boys said they were packing for me" he said
The boys came down the stairs Niall first picking up his suit case
Liam after him doing the same Harry after Liam doing the same and then there was Louis he pulled his right down the marble steps
He reached the bottom the echoes and everything it was pretty funny we all look each other over Liam wheeled a bag over to Zayn and we smiled Harry sighed loudly
"Ready to go?' He asked us all
"Yeah" we all agreed
"Then lets get the hell outta here" he said we all cheered and opened the doors.
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