Vivian Is a lifeguard at the beach what happens when a someone starts too "drown" and she has to perform CPR on a particular member of a popular boy band
What happens next with them?


8. Night Home

A/N Hey Guys this is only going to be a quick chapter I. Supposed to be getting ready for school this will be the only update I do today! Sorry ill be home around 4 so I think I'll update then! Xoxo

(Vivian's POV)
We got home and went into the living room I was kinda getting tired but the boys wanted to watch a movie with me I snuggled inbetween Louis and Harry and then I realized how awkward it was....
Niall put in that Disney movie 'Dinosaur' we were half way threw when I finally didn't have a choice but to let them fall.
In the morning I woke up on a warm chest Niall was on the floor Liam was on the couch Zayn was sitting against the couch and Louis.... Well Louis was on the coffee table.. And that only leaves Harry that I'm sleeping on I heard him moan and then his beautiful green eyes opened he saw me
"Oh good morning Love" he said kissing my cheek I felt myself blush I followed Harry into the kitchen looking into the mirror in the hall way I was still blushing damn you hormones!
He got out a pan and went into the fridge and grabbed bacon and eggs
"Wanna help me cook?" He asked his sleepy voice driving me around the bend... When around the bend up the hill turn the corner and out of the city!
"I suck at cooking I'll just watch alright?" I said sitting on the barstool
He came over picked me up from behind by the waist and plopped me infront of the stove
"Ok get those pieces of bacon and put them in" he said I didn't know any better so I grabbed the whole block and plopped it in Harry snorted and chuckled
"What did I do wrong?" I asked
"You have to separate the pieces" he said using tongs to take the chunk out he separated the pieces
"Now we can put them in"
I laughed as we cooked together this was amazing.
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