Vivian Is a lifeguard at the beach what happens when a someone starts too "drown" and she has to perform CPR on a particular member of a popular boy band
What happens next with them?


3. It's our fault

(Vivian's POV)
Me and Harry sat at the beach everyone cleared out after the death of that little boy Harry sat drawing in the sand with a stick as I watched him
"Harry I can't help but think that this was put fault" I said lowly I looked at the sunset but saw him look at me in the corner of my eye
"Our fault? How?" He asked
"If we weren't you know in the Look-out we would have been fast enough to get to him" I said
"This wasn't our fault..." He trailed off
"What?" I asked
"I don't even know your name but yet I feel so attracted to you" he said
"It's Vivian" I said
"Vivian this wasn't our fault" he said looking back down at his sand art
"It's our fault" I whispered as I tear went down my face Harry rubbed it away with his thumb
"Don't worry about it Vivian everything's gonna be alright" he said
"Harry maybe this was a sign" I said he took his hand off my face
"A sign for what?" I asked
"That we shouldn't be together" I said standing up Harry got up and dusted himself off I started to walk away
"What if I wanna be with you?!" He called after me
"I don't know Harry it may not be meant to be" I said and turned and started to walk
"What if I love you?!" He called again I stopped and turned
"You don't know me" I said and turned and started to walk then there was a hand on my forearm and it whirled me around and then his lips slammed against mine he put his hands on my waist I put mine around his neck our foreheads pressed against each others
He leaned away from me
"I'm not letting you walk away from me" he said quietly
"I'm not going anywhere" I whispered
He grabbed my hands and held them at our sides
There was a ringing coming from the look-out and I ran up holding Harry's hand and answered the phone
"Hey is this Viv?" It was Dasher my Best friend
"Yeah" I said
"I can't come get you" it was her I'm so sorry voice
"Why not?" I asked
"Cause I can't" she lowered her voice to a whisper "Derek's here it Might be the night!" She whispered
"Um eww never mind ill find a way home" I said and hung up
I turned and saw Harry he raised his brows
"I don't have a ride home" I made a pouty face
"Come over to our house"
"Our house?" I asked
"Me and the boys' house" he said I bit my lip and sighed
"Fine ill come but will they bother you for having me over?" I asked
"No they won't" he said
"Ok let's go" we locked up the look-out and walked towards Harry's car which was a black range rover he drove towards their house when we arrived I felt nervous what would they think of me? One night stand whoring around with the baby of the group? When he unlocked the door I felt my stomach knot I swallowed hard it was quiet when we walked in a little too quiet....
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