Vivian Is a lifeguard at the beach what happens when a someone starts too "drown" and she has to perform CPR on a particular member of a popular boy band
What happens next with them?


5. Breakfast Official Meeting.

(Vivian's POV)

Harry woke me up we walked down the stairs he cooked breakfast while I watched he was so handsome he made a stack of pancakes and bacon as soon as the bacon hit the plate we heard laughing and thumping
"Who needs alarm clocks?" Harry said I giggled they Burt's threw the door
"Harry it smells wonderful amazing del-" he stopped
"Why is the cute lifeguard here?" He asked pointing at me he thinks I'm cute?
"She stayed the night" Harry said they sat down Louis across from me Niall and Zayn on the sides of Louis Liam and Harry beside me we started to eat
"So how was it?" Louis says
"How was what?" I asked Louis raised his brows
"The sex" Louis said Harry spat out his orange juice all over Zayn's face and started to cough
"Eww Louis" I said throwing a piece of bacon at him
"Hey at least were not eating sausages" Louis said Liam pushed his plate forward
"I'm full" he said
"Come in Liam I'm only joking" Louis said Liam sat again
Things go kinda awkward
"So.. What's whats your name?" Niall asked returning from the counter grabbing Zayn a cloth
"It's Vivian" I said
"That's a Rey unusual name" Liam said
"Yeah it is" I said
"You know who you remind me of?" Louis said
"What?" I asked
"A Carrot" I wasn't expecting that
"Is that an insult or a complement?" I whispered to Harry
"Complement" he said
"How do I remind you of a carrot?" I asked
"Your delicious!" Louis said Niall laughed his famous laugh Zayn chuckled and Liam laughed a little Harry smiled
"Do you know what you remind me of?" I said to Louis
"What?" He asked
"A robber duck"
"Why?" He asked
"Cause the can dry quickly" I said taking my cup of water and throwing it in his face Niall was laughing so hard he fell off his chair everyone was laughing
He nodded
And got up and grabbed me and put me over his shoulder and started to run threw the house we got to the back yard Louis held me infront of him everyone followed there was a big pool
"Do you know what they say about rubber ducks?" Louis asked
"What?" I asked
"Always swim with a buddy!" He yelled and ran and jumped the pool with me in his arms
We surfaced
"What the hell?!" I asked laughing
"Atleast you had your rubber ducky" he said
I giggled and shook my head the rest of the boys jumped in Harry put his hands on my waist
"I love you" he mouthed
"I love you too" I mouthed back as the boys slashed around
We spent about an hour in the pool and got out and laid on the chairs in the back yard and "sun dry" Liam said daddy direction I have to love him
We were all dried but Louis had fallen asleep
"Revenge" Harry whispered him and Zayn grabbed a bucket of water from the pool and dumped it on Louis he gasped as we ran inside and shut the patio door and locked it he put his hand on the window "can I come in please?" He asked
"Sun dry" I said sticking my tounge out he out the side of his forehead against the glass and started to draw things with the water on his fingers we laughed at him when he was dry he was able to come in he tackled me to the ground and pinned my arms done
"Do you know how hot it is out there?" He asked
"There was a pool out there you could have used" I said
"Then I would have had to 'Sun Dry' longer" he said 'Sun Dry' in a sassy tone
"Oh look the sass masta from doncasta is showing his colors" I said he chuckled I looked over at Harry he looked jealous at the fact Louis had me pinned down now come on Love time to get up now" Louis said helping me up
"Sorry I tackled you" he said and kissed my cheek I nodded and sat beside Harry he was tense
Please no drama for one day?
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