Vivian Is a lifeguard at the beach what happens when a someone starts too "drown" and she has to perform CPR on a particular member of a popular boy band
What happens next with them?


1. Saving Him

(Vivian's POV)

I got to work and sat on my perch looking threw my binoculars I know it's stereo typical of a lifegaurd to be doing this but I don't care I was getting bored it was a hot down at the beach and I was wishing I could just hop into the surely refreshing water I looked out into the distance
"Help!" I heard someone yelling I looked around I didn't see anything I heard it closer
"Help!" The voice was right at the bottom of the look-out I jumped down
"What happened?!" I asked panicked the boy looked familiar to me
"My friend he's drowning!" He said panicking just like me
"Where?" I asked
"Straight into there" he said pointing I took off my shirt (I had a bikini under) and ran at the water I swam towards the splashing and put my arm around the body and swam it back to shore they weren't breathing so I started chest compression his four friends surrounded me I plugged is nose and started to pump air into his lungs CPR was always a known thing to me
He coughed up water and turned to the side sand in his curls then I realized who they were
One Direction and I just performed CPR on Harry Edward Styles and the person who warned me was Liam Payne Harry sat up and shook his curls making the sand fly out
He looked up at me And smirked
"Are you wearing Strawberry lip gloss?" He asked
"Your ok? Wait what?" I said
"Yeah I'm fine" he said
"We're you even drowning?" I asked getting angry
"No" he said
I shook my head and got up from the sand and turned to walk
"Wait" he said
"What?" I said
"Can I atleast explain myself?" He asked
"Drowning isn't something to joke about I'm sure you know that Zayn" I said in Zayn's direction
He nodded ashamed
"And you Liam I thought you were the mature one? And your going to help him do that shame on you all" I said and turned and charged back to the look out I sat in my chair and tried to settle my anger what an idiot!

(Harry's POV)

I felt her lips on mine as she put air into my lungs I tried not to laugh or smile it was hard
When I opened my eyes I saw the cute lifegaurd I told Liam to warn about me "drowning" she was wearing a bright red bikini and her black hair was falling dripping water onto my chest she looked pretty pissed off about me keying to her though and she knew who we were if she knew Liam and Zayn's names. Talk about foiled plan and man did she shame Liam good!
"It's ok Haz she'll come around" Louis said putting his arm around my shoulders
"Yeah maybe" I said as we went back into the water

(Vivian's POV)

I looked outside and saw the boys playing in knee deep water that better be the deepest they go I don't wanna have to save Zayn. They were playing volley ball with a beach ball. The teams were un equal cause there was five of them so Liam was on Harry and Louis' team and they we diving for the ball and hitting the water I mentally slapped myself cause I caught myself smiling at them there was no one else on the beach anymore so they were my only entertainment I was surprised at how not busy the beach was
Harry looked in m direction and I quickly looked away but then peeked again as he stood there hitting the ball occasionally flipping his damp curls I hated the fact that he made my stomach turn at how gorgeous he was he had such a nice body... Stop it Vivian he totally lied to you!
But his lips were so soft... Stop it now!!
I need help...
An hour later it was getting dark and I had to tell them to leave because the beach was closed I hated the walk up to them I stood at the shore line the waves tickling my toes
I cleared my throat and Louis stopped the ball and held onto it
"Yes?" Louis said a smirk playing on his lips
"Um the beach is closed now sorry guys" I said
"Oh is it?" Louis asked
"Yeah so you guys kinda have to leave" I said pointing behind me with my thumb avoiding their eyes
"Oh ok I guess we should leave then boys" Liam said they all begun to walk out of the water and Liam stopped I'm front of me
"I'm sorry I lied to you today" he said and then kept walking they then got into their car and drove away I stood there at the shore I stepped in at ankle deep and walked to the shore line I know the beach was closed but I was allowed to be on here to "make sure no one was hiding" my boss says
I found myself smiling thinking about the boys today... Maybe I was a little to harsh on them?

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