Its You, they add up to.

~(One Direction/Ed Sheeran Fan Fiction) This story is a little bit different, its a fan fiction of Ed Sheeran when he was 17 (the time he wrote "Little Things") and it will go between his P.O.V when he was 17, and then One Directions thoughts through out the time of releasing the song. It's a little different, and maybe a little confusing at first, but I hope you all like it! The more comments I get, the faster I update!

I really actually like this one, so please don't let the rubbish above stop you from reading it...

(Also, it would be lovely if anyone knows how to make youtube video's..I would love some previews of my fanfics, if you know anyone, let me know pllleeassee)


15. WOW



Hello everyone! I've been super busy this past month, but I'm back! 

I'm really happy to announce, (if anyone is still out there) I will be making a sequel to this story! I needed some time to figure out what I wanted to do with it, which direction I wanted to go in, and I think I have a pretty sturdy outline. 

I really hope I still have some fans out there! 

Be on the look out, cause I'm back :) 

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