Its You, they add up to.

~(One Direction/Ed Sheeran Fan Fiction) This story is a little bit different, its a fan fiction of Ed Sheeran when he was 17 (the time he wrote "Little Things") and it will go between his P.O.V when he was 17, and then One Directions thoughts through out the time of releasing the song. It's a little different, and maybe a little confusing at first, but I hope you all like it! The more comments I get, the faster I update!

I really actually like this one, so please don't let the rubbish above stop you from reading it...

(Also, it would be lovely if anyone knows how to make youtube video's..I would love some previews of my fanfics, if you know anyone, let me know pllleeassee)


2. Freckles

"And I'm joining up the dots,

with the freckles on your cheeks.

And it all makes sense to me."

17 y/o Ed's P.O.V

I can't stop but look at her sleeping body in my arms, my fingers run lines up her shoulders, and she stirs a little, but doesn't wake up. I kiss her forehead, and get a closer look at her pores. How have I never noticed she had freckles before? I smile to myself and my finger crawls up her arm, and lands on her face. My pointer finger, using her face as its own game of  'connect the dots' and I smile as her nose scrunches up. Her beautiful eyes flutter open a little bit, and meet my gaze, her hands move from under the duvet onto her face. Why is she hiding? She's absolutely stunning. Breathtaking even. I can't help myself. The motion my hands make, move to her hands, and I pull gently. Her hands move effortlessly, and I smile down at her. My lips lower on to hers, and I kiss this beautiful piece of heaven good morning. 


Ed's P.O.V

I couldn't believe what I had just played for them. My mind is racing with so many thoughts in my mind. The song found its way back to my hands, and I didn't even go looking for it. I remember throwing it out, and almost wanting to burn it. I was never going to use this song ever. It made me feel, too exposed, like I was letting her in somehow  She knows how I felt, and now I'm just bringing it all back up again, so I made a mental decision to give to the boys. It seemed like a great song for them. They already had all the girls screaming for them, maybe this song would fit in somehow to their next album. Niall seemed to like it. Or was he just being nice? This was definitely one of my weakest songs, I wasn't going to lie. 

"You ok Sheeran?" Louis came and punched my arm jokingly, and I just laughed. 

"I'm good mate." We played the song over a few more times, and I thought by now they would be annoyed with it. 

"The more I hear the song, the more I can't wait to record it. I'm so excited." Harry's comment, made me feel a little better, I'm glad they like the song. 

"So why you giving us the song mate?" Louis asked. I guess I'd explain, and go into as little detail as I possibly could. 

"I wrote it a few years back, didn't like it, threw it away, and I found it in a box from a friends house a while ago. Thought I could give it to you guys." There was a lot of nodding going on, and a few smiles, and  a very frustrated Niall. 

"Ed, show me again the part in the middle, timing is the worst habit." I picked up my guitar, and went over to Niall, helping him get the timing. I had good feelings about this song. 


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