Its You, they add up to.

~(One Direction/Ed Sheeran Fan Fiction) This story is a little bit different, its a fan fiction of Ed Sheeran when he was 17 (the time he wrote "Little Things") and it will go between his P.O.V when he was 17, and then One Directions thoughts through out the time of releasing the song. It's a little different, and maybe a little confusing at first, but I hope you all like it! The more comments I get, the faster I update!

I really actually like this one, so please don't let the rubbish above stop you from reading it...

(Also, it would be lovely if anyone knows how to make youtube video's..I would love some previews of my fanfics, if you know anyone, let me know pllleeassee)


5. Drinking Tea & Falling Asleep

"You can't go to bed, without a cup of tea

and maybe that's the reason,

that you talk,

in your sleep."

17 y/o Ed's P.O.V

"Will you just please stay with me tonight?" I pleaded into her eyes, begging that she wouldn't leave. I need her. Her head shook, but her arms wrapped around my torso. We must have been outside in the rain, for at least 10 minutes. Just me holding her, calming her down. This is what I lived for. These moment's when she trusted me. The few seconds in her life, when she would let me make her feel like she was worth something. "Let's go inside love, you'll catch cold." I grabbed her hand, and her arms slipped off of my torso. We walked up the steps into my flat, and I made us some tea. 

"Don't forget the sugar." I smiled and added extra sugar into her tea. 

Once I got into the living room, she was wrapped up in the blanket, sitting on the couch, staring at my guitar in front of her. "What're you thinking love?" Her head snapped up in my direction, and sent me a small grin. 

"Your guitar is kind of like my life Ed." My eyes were searching her's, I knew one of her bad analogies were coming. So I sat back, and waited. 

"How so?" 

"Its very bare. Not to exciting. But if you add a little bit of red lipstick, it changes everything." My eyes dashed to my guitar, and I smiled at her kiss mark, which she had left just hours before. She may not be the best with words, but she gets her point across. I handed the tea cup to her, and she sprawled out across my lap. I smiled down at her, and stroked her hair. 

A few hours went by, before I heard mumbles, and whispers. Looking down at the her eyes, and how they flickered, I'm too afraid to wake her. She is so beautiful and at peace when she's sleeping. And if I told her she was talking in her sleep again, we would only fight more. 

So what did I do? I just hummed into her ear.

"You cant go to bed, without a cup of tea" my lips pressed her temple, and I slid her off my lap, and picked up my guitar. The chords played, and I sang the words I already had put together. My eyes trailed her face, and I sang a few lines, before deciding on 11 words. "and maybe that's the reason, that you talk, in your sleep." 


Niall's P.O.V

Today we are shooting the music video for "Live While Were Young". It's a fun song, and I really think the fans will enjoy it. It's really upbeat, dancey and kind of...edgy in a way. The video is so much. They are making me go shirtless! I don't see what the girls see in my body. I'm pale, and scrawny. Maybe, if I hide in the back during the pool part, then maybe just maybe no one would even notice. 

Okay Niall, think. Ways so you don't have to be half naked in front of all these people, and have them laughing at you. Think. Think. Think. Thi-

"Niall! Come on mate! We need to ride this thing around. Louis' driving it." Harry was shouting for me from the other side of the field. I took one last look at the sky, and made m way over there. 

"Is that such a good idea? Having Louis drive? We got pulled over last time he drove in a music video! Twice!" All the other boys just snickered away, but Louis just defended himself. 

"Oh, little Nialler. May I remind you WHY we were pulled over? Hmm? Driving to slow. I can  be responsible." I guess he was right, so I hoped onto the little car thing. "But its not about being responsible today,  its about living while were young!" and before I knew it, we were going fast through the field  I had to admit, it was kind of freeing. I just laughed, and so did the other guys. Until Louis Almost killed us. 

"I don't know what I did wrong, it just broke." Louis was yet again, defending himself,  while the boys and I just laughed. I was not getting back on that thing with him.

I can't Bellevue they made me get back on this thing with him. 

"Just a little longer boys! Were almost done!" My eyes were shooting around the crew, and I was met with a pair of green eyes. She was beautiful. She was maybe even stunning. Why don't I have a girlfriend yet? Because your ugly Niall. Ugly. Ugly. Ugly. Nobody loves you. Your fans love you Niall. That's because they have to! They adore you. What would they think if they heard your thoughts? 

My mind always goes to my fans, the most beautiful people on this planet. If they only knew how beautiful they really were. I love every single one of them. They really make me feel better. I need to stop these thoughts. 

The new song will be for them. I can't wait until they hear Little Things. 


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