Its You, they add up to.

~(One Direction/Ed Sheeran Fan Fiction) This story is a little bit different, its a fan fiction of Ed Sheeran when he was 17 (the time he wrote "Little Things") and it will go between his P.O.V when he was 17, and then One Directions thoughts through out the time of releasing the song. It's a little different, and maybe a little confusing at first, but I hope you all like it! The more comments I get, the faster I update!

I really actually like this one, so please don't let the rubbish above stop you from reading it...

(Also, it would be lovely if anyone knows how to make youtube video's..I would love some previews of my fanfics, if you know anyone, let me know pllleeassee)


4. Back Dimples

"The dimples in your back,

at the bottom of your spine,

but I'll,

love them endlessly."

17 y/o Ed's P.O.V

My song was taking a little bit more time to write these days, I had the chords down, but the words weren't coming to mind all that easily. I needed more inspiration, and her being herself when she got into moods like this, wouldn't let me see her. I had to see her. Just her face would give me word to write down, just a look in her eyes. 

I know that sounds bad, like i'm using her for my music. Its not all true, I really do love her, but, she was the only thing I could write about at the moment, and I had no idea why. 

My mind was picturing her body, her hair, her eyes, I needed to think of every little aspect of her. The things she liked, the things she hated.

She hated herself mostly, and I couldn't understand why. Why did she think she wasn't beautiful? Just the way her back dipped in below her back was enough to make me fall in love. I'd always poke my finger in the dents, and smile, and run my finger up through it, and kiss her shoulder. She hated it. She would always say that it was one of the things she hated most about her body. I loved them.

Smiling to myself, I wrote more to my song. 


Louis's P.O.V

The song was playing inside of my head, as I watched El sleep, Her eyes fluttering about underneath her closed lids, images flying through her mind. I leaned my lips down, and pressed them softly against her forehead. Her eyebrows scrunched up a bit, and she moved her body. My mouth stifled a laugh, and I crawled up next her, placing my arm around her shoulder. 

"Wake up, babe" I whispered into her ear, before placing my lips gently on it. Her head swung around, and her arms found their place around my waist. 

"Mmmm....not yet." I pressed our foreheads together, checking the time once more. I needed to get up, and showered within the next 10 minutes,and be out of her within the next 20. 

"Babe, I have to leave." Her eyes slowly opened and her lips forming a pout. I chuckled at her childlikeness and kissed her cheek. My legs swung off the bed, and I hopped into the shower, washing my body and hair for an exact of 6 minutes. I think that might be a record. I threw on some clothes, and took a look in the mirror. There was no point in doing anything to my hair, since, as soon as we got where we were going, they would only mess with it again. My bedroom door opened, showing me the most perfect face I had ever seen. 

"I know, I look horrid in the mornings." Her lips parted, taking a deep breath, and I just walked over to her, and kissed her softly. 

"I think you look beautiful in the morning." The ends of her mouth, met up in the middle of cheek, and her skin started turning to a deep red. I loved when I made her blush.

"I'll take your word for it Lou." One thing I loved about Eleanor  was she didn't have any doubt in the world that she wasn't beautiful, she wasn't the type of girl who ran around talking about how hot they were, but when I told her, she believed me. Our bodies pulled apart from each other as soon as my phone vibrated, showing me a call from Harry. I ignored, and pecked her lips once more. 

"I'll see you later babe." I smiled at her before leaving the flat, hearing her say a quiet.

"Have a good day at work Lou." 


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