Everything About You -A Niall Horan Story-

Arianna was just a Normal girl before she went to a concert and then ran into Niall Horan in Nandos. What Will happen with Arianna and Niall?

-Arianna’s POV-

I was sitting in the car listening to One Direction although I’m not a crazy screaming fangirl I must admit I like their music. Everything About You came on and I sang the song word for word I mean its good. Anyway why Im writing this hmm oh yeah because I don’t have anything better its about how I met Niall Horan.


2. Stand Up



Wow, Just wow, Niall Horan took me for Ice Cream... Is that even normal? It can’t be he’s famous and I’m not but he did … someone pinch me... no... DON’T DO THAT! That hurts.  I need to stop thinking about this. I’m Over thinking things... hmm... maybe I should sleep... YES, I SHOULD SLEEP! OH MY GOD I’M THE NEXT EINSTEIN!

Whoa. I’m nuts.

Anyway this is what happens when I’m sitting alone in my room late at night. As I got up and put my iPod in the dock and hit shuffle on my One Direction and The Wanted playlist I changed into my Pajamas and got ready for bed. I put on my One Direction shirt and boy shorts and fuzzy boots and glasses and started my homework. Seeing as I have my own flat I have 3 rooms and a bathroom; a kitchen, living room, and bedroom. My bedroom has a huge bed with purple bedding on it and One Direction and The Wanted Posters Everywhere. I know you're probably thinking that I’m insane. As I finished my homework the song What Makes You Beautiful came on and well you know what happens. I got up and started dancing around like a bloody idiot. I started to jump around and sing as I danced to it. The next thing I know is Niall Walks in... This scared the hell out of me.

“Niall! What the Fuck!” I stopped suddenly looking at him letting the music blare behind me good thing my flat is soundproof. Sighing I went and hit pause on my ipod dock and looked at him.

“Sorry to Bother you love but I wanted to talk to you… if that’s ok…” he said looking at me slyly. Should I let him talk to me even though he just walked into my flat and seen me in my pajamas… oh what the hell what could it hurt.

“Sure but for the record knock before just walking in... next time” I said with a slight smirk. “make yourself comfortable just not on my bed.” As I sat back on my bed I hoped he hadn’t noticed my shirt.

“Nice shirt by the way love” he said looking me up and down. I blushed and bite my lip.

“Why are you here? I mean it was just ice cream... so... nothing important... I think..”  I said blushing redder.

“Well Love I Was thinking... Will you be my Girlfriend? I mean we will have to stay a secret but I really like you alot your funny and normal. You didn’t freak with you knew it was me... and I like that...” he said blushing like mad he must have thought about this alot.

“Sure... I will be your Girlfriend...” I said smiling at him. He leaned in as soon as I said that and kissed me softly. My mind is in overdrive NIALL HORAN KISSED ME! Oh. My. God... I must be dreaming.

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