Dear Diary...

my life. well lucky really happy, healthy and normall... until now...


2. why??

Dear Diary

Why did I end up here at Sandy House? I dont know. my mum left me here. All I know is that she had problems. That she was harming herself and me. All I have left of her is a scar on my arm where it looks like she hit me with something bigger han her hand. It looks like a tatoo gone really wrong. How do I know this? My careworker Nathan. Elaine, my head careworker refused to tell me anthing instead she said "Why dont you go and help the others? Keep them under control while me and Nathan have a quick meeting eh?"

I'm like a third carer just because I'm the oldest one! I don't like Elaine she treats me like a four year old saying I'm too young to meet my friends at the cinema then asks me to look after thirteen other kids while they have a 'quick' meeting (lasted for an hour). It's always like this no one has had a break, a holiday ever! It's like just because we are in care we can't have a normall life or leave the house appart from going in to the garden or to school.

If my mum didnt want me then why did she have me? Why did she go through all that just to carry on her life and ruin mine? Just why? Why didnt my dad stand up for me if he didn't run out the moment mum told him or what if she didn't tell him? What if my dad isn't alive anymore? What about mom? What if they have a family together? what if they have families apart? What if they dont have anything? WHY???

Charlie xx

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