Dear Diary...

my life. well lucky really happy, healthy and normall... until now...



Dear Diary

YESSS!!!! we are going on holiday in 1 week! YESSS!!!! I can't wait! YESSS!!!! my first holiday EVER!!!!

everyone is running round it's like nothing you've ever seen. I've already done my celebrations in my head and now I'm sitting in the corner. Writing. I just can't believe we are all going on holiday in 1 week!!! It will be the best week ever!!! We dont know much, well anything really, as soon as we heard the word holiday we all went CRAZY.

I can't wait to be free to explore and learn and have a proper holiday instead of building dens all round the house. The closest we have got to a holiday is camping out in the garden Seven tents in one big garden. Tilly,  remembered going on holidays with her parents until they were in a car crash and died. She said that it actually looked like a campsite. Tilly is about the only one of us that remembers her parents except from Louis who's mum still visits him occasionally. Louis was bought here because his mum kept leaving him in the house but she still wants to see him. He's not very interested but he will still see her. Sometimes. I wish my mum came to see me or dad. Anyone! I don't know if mum is still alive.

Anyway, school was alright, I suppose. I want to leave soo bad. I want to be free, to do what I want. But I would be coming  back again because I want to be a teacher. Primary school, so they will be there all the time. Only off if they are ill Thankfuly. I also want to teach a range of subjects. when you get to high school you are only teaching one subject unless you are an assistant who only comes in when other teachers are away.

I will write again tomorow I've got to go and see what clothes to take!

Charlie xx


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