Dear Diary...

my life. well lucky really happy, healthy and normall... until now...



Dear Diary

I am going to explode!!! We go on holiday tomorow for one whole week!!! I can't wait!!! We have all packed our suitcases FULL. This time tomorow we will be in... Well I don't know! We are not being told anything about where we are going, just that we need a load of different clothes and we are going to like it! No one will be able to sleep tonight! We are all SOO excited!!

School is over for two weeks for Easter and it has been a very warm day today and hopefully it will stay for the whole two weeks. Hopefully summer comes early and will stay for the full two weeks. I don't care if it rains when we are at school. It shows what ALL the students think of school!!!

Rebecca is going on holiday to Cyprus for the two weeks. She got today off school. I really missed her and always do through all the holidays. It's going to be wierd thinking that she's in a whole different country and we won't be able to talk.

Sophia is going to Cornwall, we don't usually talk during the holidays anyway. She normally has her phone off but we do call to ask about homework sometimes.

Hannah is going to New York for the week. We only talk on facebook and BBM. I won't be on facebook and I'm leaving my phone.

So, a holiday for a week dreamng about what my friends are doing. Thay are all amazing but I think my best frend is Rebecca. This is just between me and you but she will always stay with me and I will miss her the most!

Charlie xx  

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