Dear Diary...

my life. well lucky really happy, healthy and normall... until now...



I'm just in a plain lonley room. It's been two weeks since the accident but I am still here. Just by myself. Everyone else has gone home and are still recovering apart from Amanda . She is still here but will be going home tomorow with her mum who has found her by the paper. She was knocked unconsious in the van but thats all I know. I can't remember anything and I am too tierd to be doing anything or listening. I don't know when I can go home either. There is a nurse here. she keeps looking at me funny llike she knows me from somewhere. She is spending the most time in my room with me and she watches me sometimes when i wake up. I suppose it's just checks. Anyway I am going to sleep now I can't stay awake much longer and I will be in trouble if I am caught writing. I don't care because no one can stop me writing in this diary. It is like my only family.

Charlie xx

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