Dear Diary...

my life. well lucky really happy, healthy and normall... until now...


1. My friends and family

Dear Diary
My name is charlie. I am a female aged 14. I have three best friends. friends that I am very, very lucky to have to be honest my friends are the three most important people in my life. I know what your thinking what about your parents? Brothers,sisters,cousins,aunties,uncles,nieces,nefues,grandparents? I dont know them. Don't even know if they are still alive. Where do i live? A childrens home. It is a big house well, it's got to be for fourteen kids! there's Lucy, Mianda, Holly, Sam, Sammy(which is kind of confusing), Amanda, Louis, Peter, Tilly, Josh, Marc, Gary, Cameron and Harry.
My friends are literaly the closest thing to family that I have. Rebecca, Sophia, and hannah are like sisters to me, they look out for me they stick by me and I stick by them. We are not perfect no one is but it's not like we argue every day and we always find a way round it. I do have other friends that live with me and we should understand each other more than people with happy families but we alll have different problems and come with different backgrounds.
That's all about my friends and house. For today anyway.

Charlie xx
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