One Shot

A dream, my 18th birthday and I enter a bar for my first ever alcholic drink and my idols and awaiting me with my one shot


2. Party, Party and Party

We finally arrived in town at 8:45pm and was greeted by a red carpet and the paparazzi with their bright, flashing cameras. My friends and I were in so much shock we nearly fainted, a couple of us started to fall over because of the height of our wedges. When we got inside it was absoultely chocker you couldn't move, but luckily my parents had booked my a VIP corner for me an all my friends. When I arrived in the corner my friend noticed that there  was four boys sitting on the couch with their backs to us so my friend told them to move or she will move them but I told her to be nice so she apologized. I then had a flashback to JLS on tour and looked at these 4 boys heads and screamed the whole club down, I'm suprised anyone could hear me over the ear bursting music.

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