Autumn's Life

I wrote it in school and everyone loved it!


1. Autumn's Life

Walking through the dull streets,

kicking up leaves.

I look up and oh my!

Something has just caught my eye.

A row of apple trees,

I'll maybe have some after tea.

Oh and look over there,

Bushes of berries!

Do you smell banana's too?

In the cold Autumn air?

The colourful leaves are everywhere.

I stare back at the apples,

I think of Halloween!

Dunking for apples in jelly!

I come out of my daydream,

And see the birds fly high.

Flying to countries distant far and wide.

Hear the wind howling,

Like a pack of wolves!

Oh it's getting darker,

And my friends they rush outside,

They huddle around me asking to pick tomatoes,

Juicy inside!

We sit inside eating tomato soup,

And them mum brings in a huge pumpkin pie!

I love the Autumn air,

The Autumn breeze.

I love Autumn's life.

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