Together By Tragic

Olivia has been stalked for a year now. She remembered mysterious shadows and always felt eyes on her. One day she was walking home from swim practice and the man chased her. She ran but it was too late. The man grabbed her and hit her on the head, ruining her memory. The same time Harry Styles was taking a walk and witnessed everything. When Harry starts to care for her, will sparks fly?? ;)


7. Catching Up With Another Friend

Olivia's P.O.V.

"Oh my gosh Allison!" I say pulling her into a hug. "Hi! Sorry I haven't kept in touch. I have been so busy!" "It's ok!" I say leading her into the living room. "ALLISON!" Callie and Alicia yell and they hug. "So watcha guys doing?" Allison asks and I say, "Well they are staying at my house for the week. Do you want to?" "Sure!" she says and we all drive to her house. We help her pack and then go back to my house. After she gets settled in we tell her about everything that has happened since the attack. "Cool! Can I meet them?" she says after we finish. "Yah!" I say and then we eat dinner because it it 5:25 p.m. After dinner, we all go back to the living room and we talk. "So Allison.. Are you still dating Zach?" I ask and we giggle as she blushes and says, "Yah.. He is now a famous bass guitar player! I've gone to his concerts and his band is great!" "That's cool!" Callie says and we continue talking until about 9:45 p.m. Then we all head to our rooms and go to sleep.

Harry's P.O.V.

After we left Olivia's house, we went home and watched t.v. Then later we eat dinner and go to bed early. I lay down and think about Olivia until I fall asleep. But my last thought about her is: Does she like me? Are we dating now?

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