Truth is a book about Lizzy, just another girl with no friends, well except five boys. But their on tour. What happens when shes bullied and the whole school turns on her, will she be ok, or will she chose the other option. Suicide.(one direction fanfic)


1. Forever broken

Today's the day, the day my life ends. I can't take the pain no longer. They turned on me, all of them, the whole school did, and now i'm leaving. Forever. I know the pain will rest when i go, but the guilt of leaving my five best friends will haunt me forever. I wish they were here with me, to be with me when i go, when i end it, forever, but their not, their half way across the world, and their's no stopping them, not even my death.

I walk slowly to the kitchen, grabbing the knife that i had laid on the table, slowly carrying it up the stairs, it brushing against my long white dress. I push the door open to my parents room, dust flying everywhere, for i hadn't been in here since they died. I slowly walk over to the bed, climbing slowly onto the white dusty cover. This is it, the end of Lizzy wood, forever. I took the knife and held it up to my chest, ''is this the best way to go, the best way to end your life, not knowing what lies a head of you, is it good, is it worth it'', all these questions jammed my head, but i knew i had to do it. What will the boy's that i call family say, they will hate me for doing this but they knew i had to, this isn't the first time i've tried but i know it will be the last. I tightened the grip on the knife, a single tear going down my cheack, good bye world and everyone on it, i held it tight and plunged it into my chest, blood going all over the bed, this is what i wanted and know i've done it. Slowly my vision faded and i was gone, or i thought i was.

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