That One Night [LiamPayne]

Have you ever looked in a mirror and said ‘I’m disgusting’? || April Winters is a shy, insecure girl. She believes no one will ever love her. With having a bad past will she ever come through her insecurity? || One concert changed it all, made her realize not all boys are the same.


1. O N E



“C’mon April” her boyfriend cooed into her ear. April was a bright, bubbly girl then. April turned around smiling at Dave, her and Dave had been dating six months now.  They were known as the ‘Happy Couple’ but there was a whole different side to it compared to Dave. Little did April know but Dave secretly slept with other girls, when April wasn’t around. April got up from her spot in her bed and pulled on jeans. “You have work in ten minutes babe” he said kissing her check. April blushed and grabbed her handbag, swinging it over her shoulder.“Bye Dave” April smiled walking out the door to work.

The heartbreak was, April came home early from work to celebrate her six month anniversary with Dave. While April was at work Dave brought round the neighbourhood slut. April walked in on him chasing her around the house naked. April ran out of the house, never returning again.

We were in love. . .


“April, I promise never to leave you” Simon gasped, after April explained why she was crying, she was in fear of a Simon leaving her, just like Dave did. “Bu-but Dave left me because I wasn’t pretty enough” April whispered. Simon grabbed her cheekbones and squished them together. “Well he must be blind” Simon smiled, nearly in tears. She didn’t know what was coming; it hurt both them for what was going to happen next.

The heartbreak was; Simon and a girl where dating, but Simon feel in love with April. So Simon called it off with the girl. April and Simon started talking and one day he asked her out. This girl Simon was dating got jealous; she forced Simon to stop seeing April, or she would do something to her. Simon didn’t want April to get hurt so he broke up with her that afternoon, just after he convinced her he would never leave.

It was love, ugly love



Alex wasn’t your typical boy, Alex had cancer, and he was going to die soon. Alex never told April about the horrible disease he was cursed with, so April thought everything was going good, after all the small fallouts she had with previous boys she got more insecure over time. But the two heartbreaks that stuck in her head where Dave and Simon. She didn’t want this to happen with Alex, this time she was convinced he was the one. That day Alex had to go for another check-up. He had 24 hours to live. He spent them all with April, he didn’t regret anything, as night came Alex lay April down and wrote a love note to her, he sat on the armchair they had cuddled in millions of times and lay there, the note on his chest.

The heartbreak was; April woke up to see an empty space beside her, she wondered where Alex was, she got up and walked downstairs to see Alex laying on their chair, she smiled at his cuteness and went over to wake him up. She noticed the note and read it. She burst into tears not believing it. She couldn’t believe it. This time she made a promise;


I will never, ever fall for another boy again. . .


-April is now a shy, broken-hearted girl, she is afraid if a boy touches her. She is afraid, insecure, she needs help.

When will her savoir come? 

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