Love Games

Saskia Knott is the daughter of a rich buissnes parter of Simon Cowell. She has been brought up with her brothers and sisters to be a perfect well mannered child. But when her dad gives her a job at Syco Records and her own London Home she can do what she wants, when she wants. While working she meets boyband One Direction and lady Killer Harry Styles. She becomes close to the band and one night goes out partying with them.She developes a crush on Harry and when partying he kisses her and asks to be freinds with benefits. She agrees ,hoping like in the movies, it will lead to more. She soon becomes tired of chasing after Harry and slowly starts liking Niall. Saskia does not know that Niall has a crush on her though so she holds back. When Harry notices Saskia's attention turning from him to Niall he becomes jelous and discovers he loves Saskia. Who will get there first? Who will she choose? What will she do to get here own way?.............


5. waking up in vagas?

Saskia P.O.V

I awoke in a large, white, fluffy bed. What had I done last night? where was I?. I got up feeling a bit grogy. I stepped out of the door to find the biggest mess in the world. It had been partyed out completely. It was like waking up un vagas! onley not as exiting but confusing. I soon realised this was Harry's apartment. Had me and Harry?. OH. that changed things, i now i had hoped for something to happen but I didn't quite expect this. Did this mean Harry liked me?. I wasn't sure. I walked triumphantly over to the fridge. Where was Harry anyway? I thought just as i was lookimg at the fridge. The was a post-it note; 'Had a great time last night, no strings attached right?, maybe we could do it again sometime? gone to work, food in the fridge. Enjoy!!! Hx'. I frowned at the note. No strings attached, huh. I suddenely felt my heart sink to the ground. I walked home with not food, no coat and no love.

....................ring.......................................ring ring..............................ringringring..........................

I lifted my face up from my pillow, It was damp and black from my tears and smugged make-up.I didn't even know why i'd bothered crying over nothing. I slouched out of bed and over to the door, not bothering to fix myself up beacuse I was expecting my mum. I hoped it was one of my sisters instead they were always useful at a time like this. Sybil, the oldest at 23, always knew how to get up and get on with it. Sage, who was 20, had a golden heart and always tried to help. Sia , the youngest at 13, was always my favourite to cheer me up, she was so funny. I also had a twin brother called Seth, we were 18, and a younger brother called Seb, 16. My mum, Selene beleive it or not, liked to call all her children with the letter 'S' at the front beacuse apparently its her lucky letter. Anyways we all suffered for it bieng called the english Kardashians at school. My thoughts trailed away when i opened the door. There, in my doorway, was Niall Horan.


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