Love Games

Saskia Knott is the daughter of a rich buissnes parter of Simon Cowell. She has been brought up with her brothers and sisters to be a perfect well mannered child. But when her dad gives her a job at Syco Records and her own London Home she can do what she wants, when she wants. While working she meets boyband One Direction and lady Killer Harry Styles. She becomes close to the band and one night goes out partying with them.She developes a crush on Harry and when partying he kisses her and asks to be freinds with benefits. She agrees ,hoping like in the movies, it will lead to more. She soon becomes tired of chasing after Harry and slowly starts liking Niall. Saskia does not know that Niall has a crush on her though so she holds back. When Harry notices Saskia's attention turning from him to Niall he becomes jelous and discovers he loves Saskia. Who will get there first? Who will she choose? What will she do to get here own way?.............


1. prologue-meeting the boys

 I stared at the tall white building that rose upon me, Syco records studio. I silently thanked my Dad for pulling me a job at such an extraordinary place. It wasn't the tall glass walls or the expensive decor or even the chance to meet future celebrities that made me instantly exited, it was the feeling of hope. So many people had become successful and triumphant in this very building, this is where singers and song writers came to achieve their dreams. But not me, I was here to work as Simon Cowells personal receptionist while she was away. If my dad did not have so many great contacts then I would never be here, it was rare for an eighteen year old girl to start so high up.   "Saskia Knott" I said to the front receptionist as she questioned me. She was a narrow woman with wispy brown hair and piercing, sharp blue eyes. 'Wren' read her name tag, I thought I might keep my distance from Wren. Wren lead me into a back room full of silver metal lockers. "This is Heidi, she will show you what to do and where to go" Wren nodded. "Hi, I'm Heidi!" A cheery looking bleached blonde girl with heavy blusher and big soft blue eyes exclaimed as Wren strode out the door. "Hi, I'm  Saskia" I smiled, Heidi seemed nice. "Well lets get you into uniform then!" Heidi inspected my grey skinny jeans, white lacy Hollister top and Jack Wills blue blazer.   My first visitors arrived soon after Heidi had shown me how to run things and then went back to her usual job of Simon's assistant. Five boys about my age came clamouring into room making a racket. "Ohhhh, hellooooo" The first boy wearing a striped top and braces with  slightly floppy brown hair Aimed at me, "and what is your name?" "Oh, um, hi I'm Saskia. Do you have and appointment with mr Cowell?" "Saskia.....interesting, I'll call you 'Sas', and yes uncle Simon knows we're here" he must be deaf if he didn't I thought " I'm Louis by the way!! And theese are my lads: Zayn" Louis said pointing to a mysterious looking tanned boy with  staggering black hair, he was gorgeous, they all were by the look of it. "Vas 'appennin?" Zayn said in a dark seductive voice. "This is Niall!" Louis continued gesturing toward the short blonde boy rooting through the fridge. "Hello!" He muffled through his stuffed mouth I thought I heard and Irish accent there. "This is Liam" Louis said continuing his obvious role as leader as a tall boy stepped forward. He had dark eyes and light brown hair with a muscular frame and uttered a simple "hi". "And last but not least my Hazza!!!!" Louis finished hugging the last boy to be introduced. His tall slim figure stood still for inspection as I took in his utterly perfect features. He had soft brown curls lightly surrounding his angelic face with full pink lips that yearned to be kissed at last his gorgeous blue/green eyes met mine. I knew there was something there between us, I just did't know what.  


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