Love Games

Saskia Knott is the daughter of a rich buissnes parter of Simon Cowell. She has been brought up with her brothers and sisters to be a perfect well mannered child. But when her dad gives her a job at Syco Records and her own London Home she can do what she wants, when she wants. While working she meets boyband One Direction and lady Killer Harry Styles. She becomes close to the band and one night goes out partying with them.She developes a crush on Harry and when partying he kisses her and asks to be freinds with benefits. She agrees ,hoping like in the movies, it will lead to more. She soon becomes tired of chasing after Harry and slowly starts liking Niall. Saskia does not know that Niall has a crush on her though so she holds back. When Harry notices Saskia's attention turning from him to Niall he becomes jelous and discovers he loves Saskia. Who will get there first? Who will she choose? What will she do to get here own way?.............


6. Feelings unleashed

"how are you?" Niall asked me. I had invited him in and he was now sitting on my sofa with a cup of tea in his hand. "really" he pressed. "shit, I feel shit. Like a toy thats been played around with!" I let my furstrations out. " yeah, Harrys a generally nice guy but he can be a jerk sometimes" Niall reasoned. " yeah a really big jerk that messes round with drunk girls head and gets them intooo...wait." I paused "how did you know what Harry did" I quized Niall. "oh, I well, uh" he looked as if if he didn't want to tell me. I raised an eyebrow. "Harry kinda told us all"my face fell. I felt so angry. Harry had embarrased me. What if Simon found out. My Dad would find out and I'd be fired. "Its fine, he only told us guys" Niall tried to reassure me.Niall was so nice. He had come to check how I was doing after hearing Harrys gossip. I suddenly felt a urge to punch Harry. I grabbed my coat and handbag, put on some jeans and a tight top to show Harry what he was missing, applyed mascara and stormed out the door. Niall stood in the living room still catching up in his mind with what i was doing. I hoped in my car and reved up the engine. Niall stood in the doorway watching me little gray porche zoom by.

Harry P.O.V

I arrived back at my appartment after th meeting. "Hello?" I shouted, woundering if Sassy had stayed or not. I wanted to talk to her. I felt bad about bieng rude and manipulative to her. When there was no reply i assumed she'd gone. She was probably angry with me. When she was drumk she let it slip that she really liked me but i choose to ignore it. I didn't want a reply of Caroline Flack. I liked her, she liked me. We were together. She got hate. She left me. and thats how I thought my relationship with Sas would turn out if we were together.

Suddenly someone came bursting through the door. "Saskia?" I said, she looked angry. She also looked very sexy. She lifted her hand and smacked me hard across the face.

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