Love Games

Saskia Knott is the daughter of a rich buissnes parter of Simon Cowell. She has been brought up with her brothers and sisters to be a perfect well mannered child. But when her dad gives her a job at Syco Records and her own London Home she can do what she wants, when she wants. While working she meets boyband One Direction and lady Killer Harry Styles. She becomes close to the band and one night goes out partying with them.She developes a crush on Harry and when partying he kisses her and asks to be freinds with benefits. She agrees ,hoping like in the movies, it will lead to more. She soon becomes tired of chasing after Harry and slowly starts liking Niall. Saskia does not know that Niall has a crush on her though so she holds back. When Harry notices Saskia's attention turning from him to Niall he becomes jelous and discovers he loves Saskia. Who will get there first? Who will she choose? What will she do to get here own way?.............


7. a suprinsing turn of events

Saskia P.O.V   I looked at Harry shocked that u slapped him "sorry" I said out of breath. " I deserved it" he said. " no you didn't I'm so sorry I just got angry at you and I then I" I muttered. "Shut up" Harry said as a joke. I smiled at him. I looked into his eyes. They were so green. Why was I in love with him when he hated me. He leant in and kissed me . I don't think either of us knew what we were doing but I wanted him. He kissed me harder and pushed  me to the wall.  I wrapped my legs around his waist and moaned. I took Harry's top off marvelling at his abs. He took mine off to.   For the second day in a row I woke up in Harry's bed. This time with Harry. He slept softly, he looked so innocent and boyish when he slept. I had spent all night thinking about what had happened. I had phoned my bestfriend Mackenzie and she was just amazed at the fact that I'd slept with a member of one direction. I had work that morning though so I crept out of bed and walked home. I was dreading work that day. Harry was going to be awquard so was Niall. Harry had also told the other boys and Zayn had probably told Perrie and Perrie had probably told Jesy, Jade and Leigh. Heidi probably knew too. One awcward day was coming up. Maybe U could call in ill?. I opened my front door and walked into my kitchen to find......     HI GUYS, I NOTICED I'M GETTING ALOT OF READS BUT NOT MANY LIKES. IF I GET TO 20+ LIKES THEN I WILL WRITE A BIG BIG BIG FULL OF DRAMA PEICE. TELL YOUR FREINDS AND FANS ABOUT ME!!!!!! XXXXX CORA :)
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