The Assignment

Naruto Fan Fiction:- Modern day Sasuke Uchiha story, to be precised.
Don't go judging me now. I enjoy a little anime/manga and I happened to stumble across the Naruto series a good two-three years ago. Ever since I've enjoyed the shows that are aired online (the channel that used to run weekly episodes had their plug pulled about a year ago) and occasional stories that have been written by amid viewers of the anime series and readers of the manga series and I've decided to try my hand at my own story.

New girl Matsuo Kumiko Ontara has troubles with trust. The story begins on her first day at Konoha High where her new class has been assigned a music unit. The students are partnered up, to her dismay, and she has to make a decision of sticking with Sasuke Uchiha or dropping out of school. She passes on the latter realising it'd be easier to oblige than to risk her brother's education along with her own. What will happen along the way? Will this assignment be worth while?


1. Welcome to hell.

Her grey-green eyes were fixed ahead of her as she sat in the front row of the student room. Mr Hatake sighed, turning to the class that were filed in a line at the door all peering around each other towards the girl, their mouths chattering away quietly –

Have you heard about the new kid?

That must be her.

I heard there were two. A young boy and his elder sister.

Mr Hatake coughed catching the students’ attention momentarily.

“Please come in quietly and take your seats. Miss, can I have a word.”

The girl peered up, her long light blonde, almost white, hair falling across the sides of her face. Her lips stayed in a tight line and her eyes gave no emotion other than anger. Or was it fear? Perhaps her agitated gaze was a facade to hide how frightened she was.

Whichever, the Uchiha was intrigued. His onyx eyes burning into the side of her as she stood and manoeuvred to the front of the room towards where the Mr Hatake stood waiting.

He began to move into the room, heading to his seat when an eager student pushed against him, slipping past and staring at the new girl just as he was.

Sasuke sat at his assigned seat, which happened to be the one to the left of where the new girl had just vacated, tearing his eyes away from her to look at his friends who were all mumbling rumours and such about the girl.

I hear she’s a goth. Some boy started, followed by;

That’s ludicrous! You’re just judging her appearance.

Well she is all dressed in black, what do you expect?

It was true.

Her shirt; black, her trousers; black, her shoes; black. Even her headband was black. It all contrasted with her perfectly pale skin which was snowy and crisp. Absolutely flawless.

Her lips, however, were the darkest shade of raw red that anyone could have possibly seen. She seemed so pure to Sasuke, something amazing and easily cherish-able.


“Matsuo Kumiko Ontara, welcome to Konohagakure and Konoha High.”

Matsuo grunted, holding her hands at her sides, her face now expressionless.

Mr Hatake sighed and placed, what he hoped was, a reassuring hand on her shoulder. She reacted by tightening her fists and hardening her gaze at the floor.

“Look, we’re not here to judge you. You can trust us. Both you and your brother are safe, I promise.”

“Promises are easily broken.” Her angelic voice was cold and bitter much like the weather in winter. “Can I sit, please?”

Mr Hatake nodded, but kept his hand on her shoulder. “Be nice to them, they’re good guys and they really mean the best. I know its hard for you but they’ve all been the new kid too at one point in the past, just let them in?”

Matsuo followed his gaze and her eyes met that of a group of boys and girls. She internally groaned and Mr Hatake let his hand drop. She stalked off and took her seat once again aware of many eyes that were focused solely on her.

She felt something tap her back and her head turned slightly.

“Welcome to hell.” An enthusiastic voice chirped jokingly.

“Naruto!” A few others hissed.

Matsuo looked to the left and noticed a boy with deep onyx eyes looking at her – not in a gawping way, someone who is only there to gossip – but in a way of interest. She then looked to the front where the Mr Hatake smiled warmly and reassuringly at her making her sigh. She turned back and whispered a ‘thanks’, her voice strained as she returned her eyes to the front of the class, focusing on the wall and nothing else.


“Class, I’m sure you’re all aware of the new students – Matsuo Kumika Ontara and Yamada Ontara – I’m certain you’ll make them feel at home here.” Mr Hatake said in a positive voice which droned on Matsuo.

“We’ve got a few assignments due in today but I’ll collect them at the end, firstly, our new unit.”

Groans erupted from various places in the room, one being directly behind Matsuo. It was the same boy who had welcomed her to ‘hell’ just moments ago. He was now, what sounded like, face planting the desk, groaning each time.

“Music.” Mr Hatake declared, oblivious or perhaps well accustomed to the unenthusiasm of the students. “We’re going to start something new, a partner-based activity, that you will work on both in class and after hours. You’re going to be assigned a partner and you’ll both produce a practical presentation of your musical influences.”

Without looking around, Sasuke could tell there’d be numerous confused or bored expressions on his peers faces, he sighed heavily flickering his eyes sideways then back to the front.

“These sheets explain in a lot more detail,” Mr Hatake said, handing out a pile of paper to each row before continuing. “But basically, between each pair you’ll discuss the type of music you listen to, if you have a musical background” – his eyes met Matsuo’s and she growled lowly; damn him – “and then you’ll then both come up with some rendition that you’ll perform to the class at the end of term.”


“Sasuke Uchiha, you and Matsuo Kumiko are a pair. Naruto and Ino-”

“What? No!” Ino yelled.

Mr Hatake nodded, continuing his list as Naruto groaned.

“This is not happening.” Ino continued to huff.

“You think you’ve got it bad? Try being me.” Sakura mumbled, eyeing her assigned partner from across the room. “At least you haven’t got the Asumanto kid.” She shuddered.

“We should all feel bad for Sasuke really, he’s got the new kid. She’s not much of a talker.”

“Chouji! You’re an idiot, that’s plain rude. Uh, Matsuo right? I’m sorry about him.” Tenten apologised to Matsuo who just shrugged a shoulder unphased.

“Personally I’m jealous of the Uchiha bastard, that Kumiko Ontara looks a catch.” Kiba howled, quite literally, his dog Akamaru barking in unison.

Matsuo sighed, turning her head disapprovingly from the group.

“Guys, knock it off. This’ll be tactical as usual, there’s plenty reason behind the pairing and you’re being unwelcoming to our new student.” Neji cleared his throat, putting a stop to the banter, thankfully, for Matsuo.

Shino nodded in agreement, “Yes, Neji is correct. There is always something hidden within these assignments and who we get partnered with, so suck it up.”

Naruto rolled his eyes and slapped a hand on Sasuke’s back to his dismay.

“You be a good peer now, y’hear?”

“Shut up, dobe.” Sasuke returned, removing Naruto’s hand and turning just as Mr Hatake finished calling out the pairs.


“Okay, Sasuke and Matsuo can you both wait behind please? The rest of you are dismissed on the grounds that you begin the assignment now – research and such.”

Every student, with the exception of Matsuo and Sasuke, began to leave – their chatter filling the hallway outside.

Once everyone had filed out Mr Hatake spoke up, taking a seat on his desk.

“Sasuke, I want you to look out for Matsuo. That’s why I paired you with her-”

“I can take care of myself.” She interrupted, her voice sharp.

“I never said you couldn’t, Matsuo, but I just think that Sasuke can help you settle in better. You and your brother, you’re two different people. I’ve already had word that he’s making friends and joining in whereas you, you’re isolating yourself.”

Matsuo growled. “You don’t know us, you cannot judge us. I’m fine alone. Happy, even.”

Sasuke watched between the two who were now silent. His mind was wavering in both directions. He remembered the time he felt perfectly capable alone, the time that whenever people got involved he’d create a barrier around himself. He was still like that in fact, only now, he realised he could trust some people to an extent and they did sincerely care.

“I’ll look out for her.” He said softly, looking more at Matsuo than Mr Hatake.

“What is it with you people?” Matsuo raised her voice, her fists clenched on the table in front of her.

“Sasuke is a lot like you.” Mr Hatake came straight out with it. “He was alone, his family gone. He knows exactly how you feel.”

“The great Uchiha collapse.” She spat.

“You know of it?” Sasuke inquired, his eyebrows arched.

“Vaguely. Your father’s firm crashed and many clients went bankrupt, those who did seen to it that your father paid the price. Your family was assassinated whilst you were away on a field trip, you returned to see your brother on his knees, begging for his life and that’s when the officials got involved. That one?”

Sasuke’s mouth twisted and his face showed grimace at her accuracy and tone.

Mr Hatake looked at Matsuo sternly, his eyes giving nothing away as he sat atop his desk. He thought for a moment before speaking, breaking the cold silence that had descended in the room.

“Matsuo, your mother and father, Elou and Dagmeo, would have wished the best for you and Yamada. She would have wanted you to be happy.”

Matsuo stood abruptly and made a b-line for the door. “I am happy.”

Before she could escape, Mr Hatake blocked her way, his eyes hard with frustration.

With friends.” He said a little harsher than intended. He softened his voice as she took a step back. “With friends.”

“I don’t have to do what you tell me to. I don’t need to be friends with Sasuke. I don’t even need to be here, I care about my brother and that’s it.” She snapped.

“But, if you leave your brother gets pulled out and put into care. You’re a seventeen year old girl and without an education for yourself you’ll ruin the chances of Ikumli’s.”

Sasuke took slow steps towards the two, his hand hesitantly reaching out and resting on Matsuo’s shoulder.

She shivered but did not shake him away. He eyed her hands, they were flat and she felt calm not tense. He smiled gently at Mr Hatake.

“I’ll look out for her, Kakashi.”

Without another word Mr Hatake nodded and left the two students alone.

Matsuo still didn’t move and Sasuke began to worry she fell in to some trance but she eventually cleared her voice and spoke. “Thanks, but you don’t have to.”

Her once angry and self-assured voice seemed broken and hoarse, she was no longer harsh and her new tone pulled at something within Sasuke and he gulped down a breath that he had held just moments ago.

“It’s nothing.” He replied, removing his hand and sighing.


As soon as his hand dropped Matsuo felt insecure and afraid. Her eyes stung with tears that she’d pushed down and her throat built even more. She was almost certain she’d not be able to speak now. There was something about him and the way he spoke that had kept her from breaking down, but now, his touch was gone and, so, it felt like her world was burning around her.

The way Mr Hatake had spoke of her mother and father, she’d not heard their names for over two years, it brought so much heartache back.

“Are you going to be okay?” Sasuke asked, stepping to the side of her, subconsciously brushing past her. His voice was no longer filled with anything – not a glimpse of care – but his eyes, those onyx orbs, showed all sorts; pain and anguish, happiness, remorse and confusion.

She nodded hesitantly and swallowed hard, clenching her fists and squeezing her eyes tight shut before opening them again a minute later. Sasuke still stood, his eyes now clear and boring into hers.

“Shall we go start on this assignment then?” Matsuo smiled warily, her eyes hardening slightly, letting no emotion show – reflecting that of the same tactic as Sasuke.

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