The Assignment

Naruto Fan Fiction:- Modern day Sasuke Uchiha story, to be precised.
Don't go judging me now. I enjoy a little anime/manga and I happened to stumble across the Naruto series a good two-three years ago. Ever since I've enjoyed the shows that are aired online (the channel that used to run weekly episodes had their plug pulled about a year ago) and occasional stories that have been written by amid viewers of the anime series and readers of the manga series and I've decided to try my hand at my own story.

New girl Matsuo Kumiko Ontara has troubles with trust. The story begins on her first day at Konoha High where her new class has been assigned a music unit. The students are partnered up, to her dismay, and she has to make a decision of sticking with Sasuke Uchiha or dropping out of school. She passes on the latter realising it'd be easier to oblige than to risk her brother's education along with her own. What will happen along the way? Will this assignment be worth while?


2. Is this seat taken?

Matsuo stood quietly by the entrance to the cafeteria watching as students sat and chattered, their laughter’s were all bright and cheerful. She frowned slightly, scanning the crowded tables for her brother.

Just as she thought.

Yamada had settled in just as Mr Hatake had said, and he was laughing away like the rest of the students collected around the table he was perched at.

She sighed and turned, dragging her feet along the hall way where she’d just stumbled up.

Maybes she could sit quietly in the library and nobody would realise her absence.

“Matsuo Kumika!” someone hollered from behind her. “Matsuo!”

She thought she recognised the voice somehow and stopped, twisting on her heels to face the culprit.

That blonde kid from first class, what was his name?

“Hey, Matsuo!” he grinned wide once he’d reached her. His cheeks were puffed slightly and his face was a little red. “It’s Naruto, remember?”

“Oh,” she hesitated. “Yes, from first class.”

“Exactly! Kakashi’s class. How are you settling in?”

Matsuo eyed him curiously and looked past him noticing a few people had stopped and were now staring at the pair. Her lips tugged downwards and she shrugged.

“Fine. I’ve got somewhere to be, I’m sorry.” She mumbled before turning once again and continuing the way she’d been going leaving Naruto stood, his eyes following her trail.

“Ok, I’ll see you around then.” He yelled after her uncertainly and she rolled her eyes slightly.

He was friendly but she could tell he’d get annoying. She wished she didn’t have to be here.


Matsuo rounded the last corner of the hall way that was opposite the library and collided with an oncoming body.

“Watch where you’re going!” the person snapped and she groaned, rubbing her head.

She’d obviously slammed straight into their chest, the no good, oversized idiot.

“I will when you do.” She retorted, stepping back and to the side of whoever it was before quickening her pace as the library doors fell into her view.

She ignored the profanities that the boy was now muttering under his breath and headed straight towards the doors, pulling on one of the handles and slipping in out of sight.

She looked across the small room, down each of the lanes that had been created by bookshelf sections, before eyeing the few empty tables on offer. She chose to sit at the one furthest to the wall and propped herself on the chair, pulling out her phone and ear buds.

Deciding on a fast, angry track she slipped the ear buds into her ears and covered them with her hair before letting it fall all around her face, cascading down and hiding her from the world.


After five songs and a round of Angry Birds, Matsuo felt a hand on her shoulder. She raised her head and stared at the perpetrator.

“Oh, hi.” She said softly, looking back at her phone just in time to see the red bird on the screen miss her target. “Damn it.” She cursed, clicking the cross in the top corner.

“Hey,” Sasuke smiled awkwardly gesturing to one of the chairs opposite Matsuo. “Is this seat taken?”

Matsuo shook her head and nodded to it. “No, you can sit there if you want.” She mumbled, unplugging her ear buds.

“I’m not disturbing you, am I?” Sasuke raised an eyebrow and dragged the chair out from under the table -  the legs scraping across the wood flooring causing the librarian to hiss a ‘sh’ their way.

“Not really, I was just gonna leave soon anyways.” She replied leaning back in her chair and reaching a hand up to twist her hair.

Sasuke’s face fell slightly and he seemed a little disappointed; his reply a simple “Oh.”

They sat in silence for a while avoiding each others gaze before Sasuke sighed and looked back at Matsuo.

“How come you’re sat here all alone?” he asked gaining a shrug from Matsuo.

“I’ve told you, I’m happy alone.”

“I don’t believe that.” he said softly, placing his hands on the table in front of him. “Naruto told me he’d seen you.”

“He seems annoying.”

“Oh trust me, he’s more than that.” Sasuke laughed, his voice serious. “But he’s a good friend.”


“You don’t need to apologise. I’m all for hearing rants about that little moron, it’s just…” he trailed off, staring at Matsuo warily.

“Just what?” she eyed him and he shook his head.

“Nothing, forget it.”

“No, it’s just what?” she persisted, suspicion playing on her mind.

“It doesn’t matter.” He said, pulling back from the table and slouching in his chair.

Matsuo scowled and folded her arms across her chest, mimicking Sasuke’s slouch. He grimaced and sat straight, rolling his eyes.

“Have any ideas for the assignment yet?”


“I was thinking we could think up stuff after we’ve gotten to, um… know each other?” he proceeded cautiously, eyeing Matsuo carefully.

“Gotten to know each other?”

Sasuke coughed, clearing his throat and nodded once. “Yeah, I mean, we have to work together anyways and Mr Hatake told me to look out for you so I thought-”

“We could become the best of friends and everything would be dandy.” Matsuo snapped, interrupting him.

“No, I don’t mean that. I-”

“What? You what? Think being nice will help me to settle into this god forsaken place? I don’t want to be here, Sasuke, and the sooner everyone understands that the better.” She growled, pressing her body against the chair back, causing it to roll out underneath her.

She stood and slammed her hands against the table and glared at Sasuke. “I’m only here for Yamada so leave me the hell alone.”

And with that she stormed out. The librarian glowered at Sasuke pointing an accusatory finger and he scanned the room noticing a few eyes were fixed on him and where Matsuo had just been.

He rolled his eyes and stood up, mumbling a quick apology to the students who had been working quietly and to the librarian, who was always a woman irked anyways, before he sauntered out of the library.

He headed straight to Kakashi Hatake’s room, a scowl on his face.

He was trying to be nice and the least she could do is thank him not growl at him and snap when he asked a somewhat friendly question.


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