Haunted Warehouse

After a dare given to them by Amelia's older brother, three best friends make a trip to a haunted warehouse. Amelia, Brittany, and Emily get locked inside and have no way of getting out. Spirit voices, blood, and bones are just enough to leave the three chilled to the bones. *This was written for spooky story contest*


4. Chapter 4


           “Oh my God. Oh my God. Oh my God.” Amelia chanted, her voice echoing on the thin walls of the underground room.

            Above her, Emily and Brittany stood unmoved and dumbfounded. What was standing before their eyes would haunt them in nightmares for days to come.

            A group of children stood there. They appeared as ghosts. Just like Adam described, their clothes were tattered, their eyes bloodshot, their skins so pale, and their hair so thin it was barely there. But just like they appeared in front of them, they disappeared in the same way

            Emily gulped and then let out a sob. “We’re going to die,” she muttered under her breath, loud enough for Brittany to hear.

            “Emily, we have to get down there fast.” Brittany went on, “There’s something here and we need to get out fast.”

            Finally making it down, both girls understood why Amelia was chanting, standing in one spot, pointing the flashlight to a spot which made them shocked.


            Dried blood.

            It was everywhere.

            On the walls, on the floor, on the scraps of furniture lying around.

            The room was as big as tiny bedroom.

            Another thing that left them horrified?


            Tiny pieces bones.

            They were big enough to easily tell that they were pieces of skeletons.

            On the other side of the room were skulls. All lined up in a row.

            Amelia gasped, her hand flying to her mouth, her whole body shaking.

            Emily’s cheeks had a trail of tears. She quietly cried.

            Brittany, the bravest of them all, stood as her body felt as numb as ever.


            Hours later, the sun was rising, and police cars surrounded the warehouse. A morgue car was also there, people walking in and out. Black bags were brought, filled with the bones. News cars were lined up on the road near their cabin.

            Three best friends stood, huddled together, answering questions from the police. Their parents were conversing with other police officers. Adam, the teenage boy, made eye contact with his younger sister while a tear made its way down his face.

            The voices, a fact pointed out by the detective, were of the spirits of the little children murdered in the warehouse.

            This would be, by far, the most memorable yet horrifying Halloween Brittany, Emily, and Amelia ever experienced.

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