Haunted Warehouse

After a dare given to them by Amelia's older brother, three best friends make a trip to a haunted warehouse. Amelia, Brittany, and Emily get locked inside and have no way of getting out. Spirit voices, blood, and bones are just enough to leave the three chilled to the bones. *This was written for spooky story contest*


3. Chapter 3


            On the other end of the warehouse, Amelia stood staring at a huge stain on the ground. She knelt down and examined it.

            “Please. Please. Please. Please.”

            A voice chanted and when she spun her head around, she saw something in the corner. Quickly pointing her flashlight there, there was nothing.

            “This only happens in movies, not real life,” She muttered to herself, trying to calm down.

            Turning back to the stain, she soon realized that it was blood. Dried up blood making the color more brown than red.

            Amelia finally came to the realization that her brother’s story was in fact true, and not some made up story he came up with.

            A scream soon broke her from her thoughts, a scream that was quite familiar to her.

            Oh, no thought Amelia before she broke into a run, making her almost knock into Brittany. She grabbed her shoulders and looked into Brittany’s eyes.

            “What happened? Are you okay? Why were you screaming?” She examined her best friend as good as she could with the little light she had.

            “It’s true. Oh god, Amelia, this place is haunted.” Brittany told her everything that happened, her eyes still filled with fear.

            After a while of comforting each other, Amelia looked around and asked, “Where’s Emily?”

            “I don’t know,” Brittany muttered.

            The two girls starting calling for their best friend, afraid something might’ve happened to her.

            “Emily!” Brittany called out as loud as she could, but not too loud, in fear of whatever was there hearing her.

            “Em? Where are you?” Amelia grabbed Brittany’s arm and pulled her, walking back towards the place all three started from.

            Emily had no idea her best friends were in frantic searching for her. She was mentally slapping herself for forgetting that she had her cellphone in her bag. Searching for a signal she finally found one near tall, metal shelf. One hand on her flashlight and the other holding her cellphone above her head, Emily stepped on the stool that was lying there.

            She got another signal and tried climbing higher, this time, placing her foot on one of the metal shelves and climbing up.

            “We’re sorryyyy. Pleeeaaassseee lettt usss ouuuuutttt.”

            Losing her footing, she yelped and fell to the ground, dropping her flashlight and cellphone in the process.

            “God damn it,” She got up and quickly grabbed her things. Cursing her best friends for leaving her, she turned on her flashlight and called out, “Whoever you are, you better come out.”

            She started walking back, her footsteps making the wooden floor creak. She made it ten steps, when her right foot cracked the floor and broke through the wood.

            Emily screamed when a piece scraped her leg, cutting through her pants. One leg in the new hole, she tried pushing herself off, but she was stuck.

            “Help!” She shouted.

            Again she tried, pulling out her leg but with no success. Tears sprung in her eyes before she looked, “I know I don’t pray that often, okay more like never, but God please just get us out.”

            “Emily?” She heard and she turned her head just in time to see her best friends round the corner. They rushed to her and after explaining what happened, they grabbed her arms and tried pulling her out.

            “Give me your flashlight,” Brittany held out her hand to Amelia.

            “For what?”

            “Just give it.” Amelia gave it to her and Brittany gave hers to Amelia and instructed her to point the light near Emily’s leg.

            Amelia and Emily watched as Brittany held the flashlight backwards above her head and then slammed it down on the ground near Emily’s leg, breaking the wood and making a bigger hole.

            Emily was finally able to pull her leg out but it made the pain on her leg worse.

            “Oh my God, I’m bleeding.” She touched the wound carefully and sure enough when she examined her hand, there was blood.

            “I think I have a scarf in my bag,” Amelia told her best friends before turning around and pulling out a thin, green scarf and handing it to Brittany.

            Brittany took out some Kleenex tissues from her pocket and tried as best as she could to clean the wound without hurting her best friend. Then she wrapped the scarf around it and tied it securely.

            Emily, with the help of her friends, stood up and winced. She tried to not show it and instead asked, “Now what?”

            “I really think this place is haunted.” Brittany nodded at Emily’s disbelieving face, “I’m serious Em, Adam wasn’t making it up.”

            “We’re sorryyyy, pleeeasssee lettt uss ouuuuutttt.”

            All three girls shrieked and clutched onto each other.

            “We need to get out and get out now!” Amelia spoke.

            Nodding, the other two girls grabbed their things and were about to pass the hole when Brittany flashed the light on the hole and noticed something.

            She held out her arm, stopping the girls. “Wait you guys, there’s something down there.”

            They stood around the hole, looking down. “Maybe there’s a way out,” Emily suggested.

            “We can’t go down there. Who knows what’s there.” Amelia protested.

            Brittany looked at Amelia, “There’s no other way out, we have to try.”

            After some bickering, the trio came to the decision of going down, assuming there was a way out.

            Because Amelia was the smallest in size, she was the first to go down. Carefully, grabbing a hold of both shoulders, her best friends started lowering her down. But they heard something that caused them to drop Amelia, making her fall down the hole.

            The loudest, most bloodcurling, spine-chilling, and hair-raising scream all three girls have ever heard in their sixteen years of life.

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