Haunted Warehouse

After a dare given to them by Amelia's older brother, three best friends make a trip to a haunted warehouse. Amelia, Brittany, and Emily get locked inside and have no way of getting out. Spirit voices, blood, and bones are just enough to leave the three chilled to the bones. *This was written for spooky story contest*


1. Chapter 1


Days before Halloween, a mother dropped off her son, daughter, and her daughter’s two best friends at their vacation cabin house for a two day weekend sleepover.

“Be careful kids!” She called out as the teenagers climbed up the stairs.

“Okay mom,” The sixteen year old girl called back and blew her a kiss. “Love you!”

            The mother pulled out of the driveway and waited for them to get in safely inside before driving off, unknown of what was to happen hours to come.

            Hours later when the sun went down and the moon came up, the teenagers gathered around the fireplace to share their horror stories for their first ever sleepover away from home without any adults.. All dressed in their pajamas and munching on late night snacks, they swapped stories. Adam, the oldest of them all and the brother to Amelia, took a sip of his hot chocolate and when it came to his turn, he looked into the eyes of the three teenage girls and started. Known for being the best story teller, everyone gathered around him, waiting for him to begin.

            “The story starts during the late 1980’s where there was a serial killer going around the town, snatching little kids from their beds late at night, and taking them to an abandoned warehouse. For days he would torture them, not giving them any food and sticking them in a small tiny room in the back of the warehouse.” He shrugged like that was not the scary part. Adam then furrowed his eyebrows and went on. “It is said that he waited until their pajamas were ripped and tattered, their eyes rimmed with red, their skin as pale as a ghost, and their hair slowly falling. Then when he was satisfied with their appearance, he would cut their toes first, then their feet, and then their legs. He would continue with their upper body, from their arms, to their hands, to their little fingers. When he was left with the head, the killer would pull out the eyeballs from the sockets and cut up their ears.” His lips turned into a full smirk when he noticed the three girls clutching each other. “Lastly, he would slowly chop their hair and when he was caught days later, you could still see the blood stains on his body. He died taking the location of the dead children with him, leaving the whole thing a mystery. People say you can still here the children wailing and crying for help but even until now, nobody knows where he put the cut up pieces. Do you know what they call the warehouse?” Adam didn’t wait for their response but answered, “The haunted warehouse of Monroe. Nobody dares go there for fear of what to find. Coincidentally, the warehouse is very close by to this very place we are in right now.”

            And like that, he ended his story and leaned against the sofa. Brittany, a blonde girl who loved boxing, sat up straight, looked him in the eye, and clapped, “Wow, Adam, that sounded so real. How do come up with these stories on the spot? You almost had me there."

            Getting rid of the paranoia, the two other girls sat up straighter.

            Adam raised his eyebrows, “You seriously don’t believe me? That was a true story.”

            Amelia, a petite red head, scoffed. “Whatever Adam,” she rolled her eyes. “You can’t expect us to believe you.” She shook her head at her older brother and though she may have said she didn’t believe him, there was still a bit of fear left over.

            “I’m being serious, the warehouse is across the road from here, inside the trees. They never took it down.” Adam claimed.

            The three girls looked at each other and then got up, cleaning up any leftover snacks.

            Adam followed them to the kitchen, “I swear to God it’s true.” He placed both elbows on the kitchen counter and leaned on them, “Sam told me.”

            Emily, a cute blonde girl, turned around and placed a hand on her hip, “Well, Sam doesn’t know anything.”

            After a while, the seventeen year old boy smirked, “Fine, if you guys don’t believe me, I dare all three of you to go that same warehouse for two hours until morning and see if it’s not true.”

            His sister, who was younger than him by eleven months, widened her eyes in disbelief, “What kind of dare is that? You know how long it took for all of our parents to agree for us to come here, and still we had to bring you for ‘supervision.’ Mom would kill us all for leaving.”

            “So you’re scared,” Adam crossed his arms across his chest and smirked.

            Brittany pushed her way through the small kitchen and stood in front of Adam, “We’re not scared, we’re worried of being grounded.”

            “Scared.” He teased before walking out of the kitchen and plopping himself on the sofa.

            Minutes later, the three girls followed after him and stood in front of the fireplace, facing Adam.

            “What happens if we get caught?” Amelia asked.

            Adam glanced up from the magazine he was flitting through and shrugged, “I will take the blame for it. Promise.”

            Emily looked at Amelia before asking, “What would we get in return?”

            He thought for a moment before saying, “I will take you guys out anywhere you want at any time until all three of you get your licenses.”

            Brittany gulped and nodded. “Okay,” she said before any of them could chicken out.

            Just at that moment, the fire went out causing all three girls to jump. Adam reached over and pulled the cord for the lamp, lighting the room, “Just the fire, guys.”

            His sister took a glimpse at the clock above the fireplace before turning to her brother, “It’s already three in the morning, we’ll go now but you have to come at exactly five o’clock.”

            Adam nodded and allowed them to grab their coats, flashlights, and other necessities. To others, this may have seemed like the craziest thing to do but for these three girls, this was merely them completing a dare that was given to them.

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