Last Wish

Cora Slade, a 17 year old girl, has been through alot. Her mother died a few years ago and she holds herself to blame. Her dad feels he has nothing left, he loses a grip on life and becomes an alcaholic drug addict. One night when Cora arrives home from school she and her dad get in and argument that leaves her bruised, batterd and heart broken. She cant stand living this life and longer,so she runs away from her raging father. Not knowing where shes going she finds herself in a cafe where she meets Harry Styles and they both find themselves falling in love. But will Harry be able to accept Cora's tragic past and uncertain future or will it end in heart brake for Cora and Harry?...


5. valentine

Me and Harry had been together three months now. I had met his family and freinds and the other members of one direction. I was best freinds with Eleanor and Perrie. We went shopping together and everything. Me and Harry were getting serios and It was valentines tonight. I had been at Louis and Eleanors all day. Louis was out sorting out his valentine special and Harry was at home fixing ours. I had woken up that morning in a bed of roses. There was a trai of petals leading to the kithchen. Harry had made my favourite. Pancakes with mini marshmellows and chocolate syrup with whipprd cream and almonds. He wrapped his arms around me and kissed me on the cheek. As a sat down he pulled a preasent out his back. I opened it. Underneath the red satin ribbon and black tissue paper were two black boxes, They each had the Pandora sign on. I looked at Harry, he was looking at the box. I opened the lid to find a silver bracelet with hocks for charms, I opened the other to find a pink marble heart charm. "I love love it and I love you!" I said embrassing Harry. "I will buy you a charm every year until I die and each will be a renew of my promise that we will always be together" harry promised. He told me to go out with Eleanor and buy some stuff to wear tonight and to be home at eight and not a moment earlier. After hours of trying dresses on we had decided on a simple blach shift dress for El. I had a really light pink, strapless dress that looked like and angel had softy added layer upon layer of fluffy pink silk and netting and fairys had sprinkled clear sequins in a swirl on the tight bodice. I had also fallen for some baby pink stiletoes with jewls on them.

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