Last Wish

Cora Slade, a 17 year old girl, has been through alot. Her mother died a few years ago and she holds herself to blame. Her dad feels he has nothing left, he loses a grip on life and becomes an alcaholic drug addict. One night when Cora arrives home from school she and her dad get in and argument that leaves her bruised, batterd and heart broken. She cant stand living this life and longer,so she runs away from her raging father. Not knowing where shes going she finds herself in a cafe where she meets Harry Styles and they both find themselves falling in love. But will Harry be able to accept Cora's tragic past and uncertain future or will it end in heart brake for Cora and Harry?...


6. valentine night

Harry's P.O.V

8:00 read my rolex. At that exact moment heard a knock on the door. I ran to the front door, exited for Cora to see what i've done for her. I opened the door to the most beatiful thing i'd ever seen. She was perfect. She had on a baby pink dress that made her look pretty and her hair was in a half pony with white flowers placed exactly, She had applied some pink eye shadow and lipstick with a light layer of mascara. Her legs looked so slim and sexy in her mega heels and her waist so narrow. She was cheching out my plain suit. not a patch on her. "you look stunning!" I told her. She blushed. "so do you" she smiled. I took her hand and led her to the kitchen where i had adele playing. I had dimmed the lights and set out candles leading to the patio doors. I put my hand over her eyes and led her through the garden. At the end of my garden there was a little area by the pond that had bushes arched over a patch of grass. I had layed a blanket down and covered the bushes in fairy lights. I let go of her eyes and wrapped a arms around her waist. "wow" she sais in awe. "Its amazing" she said looking at me. I smiled proud of myself. I knew she'd like it, I knew her so well now. She kissed me softly on my lips, lingering before pulling away to look in the basket on the blanket. I sat down next to her. We talked for hours while eating strawberries, cream and pink lemonade. I loved talking to Cora, she was so wise and loving. When we ran out of things to talk about we lay next to eachother and looked out onto the stars. I tyrned on my side and so did she. We kissed, It became deeper and more passionate. Soon I was on top of her desperate to be closer. She unbottoned my shirt. "are you sure?" I asked" She nodded and contiued undressing me.                                                                                                                        

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