Last Wish

Cora Slade, a 17 year old girl, has been through alot. Her mother died a few years ago and she holds herself to blame. Her dad feels he has nothing left, he loses a grip on life and becomes an alcaholic drug addict. One night when Cora arrives home from school she and her dad get in and argument that leaves her bruised, batterd and heart broken. She cant stand living this life and longer,so she runs away from her raging father. Not knowing where shes going she finds herself in a cafe where she meets Harry Styles and they both find themselves falling in love. But will Harry be able to accept Cora's tragic past and uncertain future or will it end in heart brake for Cora and Harry?...


1. meeting destiny

 I felt hopeless, why was I living?. What purpose was there to life?. I had nothing. My mum was the only person who loved me and she died years ago. My dad was still alive but I wish he wasn't. He used to be a good man, he loved me and my mother more than anything. That all changed when she died. He was depressed, he started drinking and that was it. All of a sudden I had to grow up. From when I was 13 I had to look after myself. I didn't have many freinds, I was too depressed for them to keep interest. I was failing at school. What was going to happen to me?. Just when I thought it couldn't get any worse it did:   I walked into the front door after school. Our house was a small suburban semi. It was bitter outside, the wind nipping my nose. The thin tights I was wearing didn't help. "Dad?...." I whispered, creeping through the door expecting him to be passed out. I cautiously tip toed down the corridor leading to the living room. It smelt odd. I was used to smelling rum, whiskey and vodka in the air but this was different. It was a strange sensation of grass and rat poison. I walked into the living room to find a bowl of white powder on the table. I knew what it was just from looking at it. I didt think dad would go this far. Herroine. My dad was talking drugs. "Dad, why" I said to myself. "Why what?" A gruff voice came from behind me. "Why can't you be responsible!" I shouted back angry. "Don't speak to me like that, I'm your father!" He shouted.  "Then you should act like it!" I replied losing my confidence slightly as he towered over me. "Your a stupid, cheeky, GIRL that needs to be punished!" He exclaimed moving toward me. He raised his fist. I flinched away from him. He punched me hard on the cheek. I was shocked, he had never done this before. I watched him lift his fist again. I dodged his hand but it caught my chest. I ran.out the door and down the street. I didt know where I was going. Any where was better than home.    A mile away from home I came to my senses and slowed down into a walk. I rummaged through my pocket and found a five pound note. That was enough for a coffee. I strolled into Starbucks sweating and huffing. The que was long. I stood behind a tall boy with light brown curly hair. I stared up at the menu. A hot chocolate sounded good right now. The boy turned around, probably curios of my huffing and puffing.   Harry POV  I could hear someone walk up behind me in the que to Starbucks. They were breathing heavily. They sounded worried. I turned around in curiosity. There infront of me stood a stunningly beautiful girl. She had big, soft brown eyes that reminded me of Bambi and a perfect jaw. She had soft flowing blonde hair. She looked as if she had a red mark imprinted on her face. This made me curios, it could just be a birth mark or something but a spark of fear and sadness in her eyes told me it wasn't. Just then I noticed her stating back. I must look weird to her staring. " hello?" She said softly. "Oh, hi sorry, I didt mean to stare. I'm Harry" I introduced myself. "Cora" she looked away. "She didn't want to speak to me but a stupid urge made me want to know about her. "Are you alright?" I questioned. Smooth Harry, just beat it to the punch why don't you. She looked at me and said "it's your turn". I turned round and gave my order. " 2 hot chocolates please" I said to the starstruck cashier. Sometimes it was annoying bieng so famous but Cora didn't seem to notice.  
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