Last Wish

Cora Slade, a 17 year old girl, has been through alot. Her mother died a few years ago and she holds herself to blame. Her dad feels he has nothing left, he loses a grip on life and becomes an alcaholic drug addict. One night when Cora arrives home from school she and her dad get in and argument that leaves her bruised, batterd and heart broken. She cant stand living this life and longer,so she runs away from her raging father. Not knowing where shes going she finds herself in a cafe where she meets Harry Styles and they both find themselves falling in love. But will Harry be able to accept Cora's tragic past and uncertain future or will it end in heart brake for Cora and Harry?...


2. making plans

Cora POV    I slid into the booth facing Harry and sipped my hot chocolate. It was delicious. "So....are you gonna tell me bout the mark on your face" Harry broke the blissful silence. Ofcoarse I had a mark! I didn't even think about it. I could feel words pushing against my throught. I needed to tell someone. Maybe it would be easier to tell a complete stranger than someone I knew. So I poured my story out to Harry, a complete stranger. When I had finished  Harry looked at me shocked. "You don't deserve that" he whispered.  "How would you know?" I said suddenly feeling shy. This boy knew more about me than anyone now. "No one deserves that" he sounded angry. Was he angry at me?. I couldn't tell. His eyes welled up. "Why would someone do that?" He was confused. He generally looked concerned. Why did this complete stranger care so much?.  Harry tilted my head up so I had to look streight into his greeny blue eyes. He was so good looking I couldn't help but think what it would be like to kiss him. "You don't deserve that" he said so close I could feel his warm breath on my cheek. He pulled away  to quick. "what are you going to do?, where are you going to stay?how are you going to live?" harry's questions brought me down from my thoughts. I did't want to think about my future, it was so uncertain and i liked to be aware of what i was getting into. "I don't know" I said "jump of a bridge?". Harry looked uttery astonished by my suggestion. "NO!!!!! you cant do that!!!" he screaed at me. everyoone in starbucks was looking at us now. The cashier had failed to take her eyes of us since we arrived. Harry was good looking, but seriosly can you be ore obvios. She was starting to irritate me. I knew i had no connection to Harry but i couldnt help feeling jelous as the sexy, dark woman pushed out her chest and played with her hair. Did I not look good enough to be at least considered as Harrys girlfreind. I knew i wasn't pretty but i wasn't that ugly. "i am not letting you out of my sight. Your coming to live with me and you can find a job or somthing, finish school maybe. How old are you?. We can buy you some new clothes and stuff. whatever just NEVER say that again!" Harry babled, still freaking out over 4 words i said. He seemed to generally care about me, somthing that i hadn't experienced for a while now. "i'm seventeen" i said answering his easiest question. "Huh?" he said trying to wipe up the hot chocolate he had spilled in his rage. " you asked me how old i was" I explained "and yes i suppose i could live with you and then i'll get a job so i can repay you. "don't be silly im rich" he said simply. How was he rich? he was 19 tops. "how old are you?" i asked. " im 18" he replied "Do you really not know who i am?" he seemed generally shocked that i did't know him. maybe he went to my school or somthing. He did see vagelly famillier bit the sort of famillier as someone you saw in a movie. I looked at him dumb founded. "I'm Harry Styles......From One Direction" The names sounded like ones i'd heard before. "The world wide famous boy band you know: What makes you beatiful" Oh yes i had heard girls at school giggling to eachother at how hot this new boyband was. "oh..... show off!" I joked. he rolles his eyes at me. I liked how he could just go from biend all serios to joking with me. "so you wanna come to my house then?" he asked. "lets go!" I replied, glad that i had at least some sort of plan to follow.   

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