Last Wish

Cora Slade, a 17 year old girl, has been through alot. Her mother died a few years ago and she holds herself to blame. Her dad feels he has nothing left, he loses a grip on life and becomes an alcaholic drug addict. One night when Cora arrives home from school she and her dad get in and argument that leaves her bruised, batterd and heart broken. She cant stand living this life and longer,so she runs away from her raging father. Not knowing where shes going she finds herself in a cafe where she meets Harry Styles and they both find themselves falling in love. But will Harry be able to accept Cora's tragic past and uncertain future or will it end in heart brake for Cora and Harry?...


8. Hope

It had been three weeks since I had found out I was pregnant. I was slowly getting used to idea. A nit I dreamt of having a family with Harry and the little baby growing inside me. I had told Harry the night I found out. Harry was shocked, he hadn't expected this so soon, neither of us had. I left Harry alone that night, sneaking of into our room, Harry hardly noticed he didn't speak or move from where he was sitting on the sofa. I had fell asleep early because of the stressful day, I wondered if Harry would want rid of it, I couldn't let him do that, should I end up having to run away again?. Harry woke me at around midnight, we hugged and cried but he reassured me that we could do it, together.

"I defiantly think its a girl!" Harry said for the millionth time, he seemed absolutely certain that the baby was a girl. We were driving along the dreary roads of London in Harry's Black Land Rover Sport. We were on our way to the baby clinic to find out what gender mine and Harry's baby was going to be. " I think it's a boy" I stated, teasing Harry. I truly did think it was a boy though, I could imagine a baby boy with sparkling green eyes and light chocolate brown curls circling his face like a little mane, just like his father. Me and Harry had just become closer over the situation. Sure we were young but experience had made us strong. We had told the boys, they didn't seem surprised but I think the girls must have told them. Telling Harry's family was the tricky part especially as I'd never met them. They were shock but seemed generally pleased for us, Anne was eager to mbe a grandmother already!. I had spoken to both Anne and Gemma over the phone and seemed to get on we'll with both. Anne insisted me and Harry come over for Christmas, which was only two weeks away!. " we'll see" Harry said,snapping me into reality.

"We have an appointment for Cora Slade" Harry said confidently to the attractive receptionist. "Dr Oldridge is ready to see you, right this way" the receptionist pushed her chest out and led us into a room with an ultrasound in it, her eyes trailing over Harry the whole way. Did she not even think to consider he was here with his pregnant girlfriend!. "Thanks, errr..." Harry said unsure of how to address the slutty receptionist. "Celeste, and you're Harry Styles, right?" Celeste said batting her eyelids. Harry nodded, clearly uncomfortable. Celeste walked out just as who I assumed to be Dr Oldridge walked in. "Cora and Harry, yes?" The Doctor asked. "Yeah, Dr Oldridge right?" I asked. "Yes, please Cora get on the bed and Harry you can take a seat. Harry's the father?" Dr ordered. " yes" I smile, hopping onto the bed. " this might be a little cold" doctor said as she rubbed a cold gel over my small swollen bump. She rolled something overb my stomach and a blurry outline of a baby came onto the screen. Harry walked over to get a closer look, he held onto my hand a nod smiled. "It's a girl!" Dr said. Both me and Harry laughed.

" I think we should call her Darcy" Harry beamed. We were on the sofa watching Made in Chelsea. "What like mr Darcy, no way. What about Thea or Nelly. Oh Leah, we should call her Leah, that was my mums name" I exclaimed exited. "Mmm, I really like Darcy!, I've wanted that since I was kid" Harry said being stubborn. " whatever, we have plenty of time to figure it out"

******** sorry I haven't updated in a while, I've had exams and family Xmas and stuff. Hope u liked it! It will get more exiting soon, I've got some plot twists ready!. Which do you like: Darcy or Leah*******
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