Love, Lies And A First Kiss

Summer is a romantic time, and Joe wants a summer to remember. This story has lot's of laugh's and tears and is sure to win your heart!


1. July

Thursday 1st 

I'm on my way to Camp Rolando, Mom says it's going to be a summer to remember, but I disagree. I'd rather go to Laura's Holiday home in Paris. I was so annoyed when Mom didn't let me go, she said "No Joe, we've already bought the beach house, so tell your friend you can't come." Yeah, Mom's right, I will remember the worst summer of my life.

Saturday 3rd

We arrived at the beach house about an hour ago, and I couldn't have been more wrong. I love it here! It has a huge beach, four pools and 6 different shops and diners. I've decided to apply for a job as a waitress in 'Harry's Place'. The shift is nine to four, on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. $2 an hour.

Monday 5th

I was at the pool earlier and while I was there I saw a group of teens my age. All of the boy's jumped in the pool and so I started to swim away. One guy started to point at me and said "Oh look, what have we got here?" He grabbed my leg and pulled me down all the girl's were laughing. I struggled trying to reach the surface for air, but he didn't let go. I saw a figure dive into the pool, he lifted me towards the surface and out of the pool. "Dude! That's not cool!" He shouted to his friend. " Are you okay? Sorry about him he's a bit stupid."  I nodded and he smiled. "I'm Tom." He shook my hand and I replied "Joe."

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