Love, Lies And A First Kiss

Summer is a romantic time, and Joe wants a summer to remember. This story has lot's of laugh's and tears and is sure to win your heart!


2. First Shift

Wednesday 7th July

Today was my first shift, I didn't do much because Harry was showing me around and telling me what to do. The lead waitress is Becky, she's gorgeous and she knows it. Becky has curly brown locks, wears red lipstick she's tall, slim and I bet Tom likes her. I'm nothing compared to her, but anyways I met her when Harry was showing me around. Harry said "Becky this is our new waitress Joe. Maybe you could tell her a bit more about the job?"                                                                                                                  "Yeah, of course." She replied with a sour tone.

When harry was gone she said  slyly " Right, if you mess up it's not my problem, but if you humiliate me I'm gonna turn everyone against you and tell them your a slut. Oh and also if you make any sort of contact with my boyfriend, you'll regret it."

Who's her boyfriend? Probably some big muscular guy I wouldn't be interested in. Again I couldn't have been more wrong because when Tom walked over to Becky and she kissed him, I felt as if I had been torn to bits.

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