Baby boy

Dig og justin er blevet gift i er på jeres bryllups rejse noget vil ske jer, læs og find ud af hvad <3


2. At the hospital

9 months later

You and Justin sat cuddling on the couch in your new house, watching the TV.

You heard the ding of the microwave.

“I’ll go get the popcorn!” Justin said, smiling. He kissed you softly, then smiled at your stomach, giving it a soft rub.

You smiled. You two found out the baby was going to be a boy and agreed on the name Jason Drew Bieber.. Cute, right?

You felt some sudden wetness and your eyes widened.. Uh, oh.

“Justin!” You called out.

“What’s up, love?” He said, walking in with a bowl of popcorn.

“Uh.. My water broke.”

He looked at you shocked, then grinned widely,”Yes! I finally get to hold him!”

You rolled your eyes, and then you felt a sudden shock of pain.

“Okay baby, right now is not the time to discuss this, can you drive me to the hospital?” You asked, your voice laced with pain.

He gave you a quick kiss and ran to get his keys, he grabbed your hand and you two rushed to the hospital.

After Jason Drew Bieber was born

You breathed heavily, your body still hurting slightly. You opened your eyes and looked up and saw Justin holding your new born son in his arms, staring down at him lovingly.

He looked up at you and smiled,”Look baby, he has your eyes.”

You smiled and gave Justin a kiss as he sat next to you while you both smile and looked at your precious baby boy.

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