The Lion induldged in her

She was kind, she was happy, she was wild... Twelve year old Sophie goes on a wild aventure once she discovers her true animal within. She is forced to leave home when an animal attacks her home- for her best attempt to save her mother the monster within breaks out and bursts into a rage as it watches painfully as its mother is maulled...


2. Ruined Meal

          "Sophie, hand me the potatoes please." Sophie did as she was told -as usual- then grabbed a slice of bread and went into the living room to sit down and read. Sophie was always a reckless child, but was put in place by her father. Her mother, however,  always let Sophie go mad once in a while. But latley, she had been acting weird, double checking the locks, making sure that the curtains were pulled tight... as if she was trying to prevent something from seeing them; she had also become very quite and would just get on with the tasks, without a single word. As Mother grew quiet, Sophie grew quiet too. I geuss she was afraid of hurting her feelings somehow, someway.

          "....Mother." She turned round and looked at Sophie, asking her to go on, "What has been going on lately? I mean, why have you been double checking everything. Are you scared of something?" Mother had to think of how to explain what she wanted to say. "Nothing. It has just been getting a lot colder latley, and I would not like any drafts coming in and chilling me to the bone any more. And what makes you think that I am scared of something?"

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