The Lion induldged in her

She was kind, she was happy, she was wild... Twelve year old Sophie goes on a wild aventure once she discovers her true animal within. She is forced to leave home when an animal attacks her home- for her best attempt to save her mother the monster within breaks out and bursts into a rage as it watches painfully as its mother is maulled...


1. Happy families

          Rolling and bounding waved her hair in the wind. As he hauled the overflowing sacks of grain and corn onto the cart, his father dragging them out of the barn and onto the squelching mud. Sophie,her name was. Sophie was the one with the rolling and bounding hair in the wind, she stay there leaning upon the walls of the house, with a smile of appreciation on her face. Drew, his name was. Drew was the on who was slumping over the heavy sacks that were to be sent off to market with Ebeny, their shire horse mare. Father, his name was. Father was the one who strained his arms to drag the heavy sacks across the land and leave by Drew's side.

          "Sophie, get over here and help out your brother with those sacks of corn and grain." Without a second thought she was on her way over to help out her brother.

          "Thanks Sopie," Drew panted, stopping to take in a huge breath of air,"I need some help here, it is so exhausting!" Faith looked at him and gave him a gleaming smile. While the three were hard working to prepare their stocks for market; mother cooked a traditional roast. In the kitchen sweet notes filled the atmosphere- as mother sung her future into a tune that seemed it had been well known for ages.

          She looked out over the farm land to find the last sack being painfully hauled onto the cart. "Good bye Drew, good bye Ronnie." Shouted mother; "Bye Sandra, it dose not look good, the rain and sleet is on its way, should be back by dawn."  "Bye Sophie- me and father should not be all to long; see you later." And with that Drew and Ronnie boarded the cart and with a crack of the reigns they started to roll off down the farm land and onto the road that would lead them to the market.

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