Summer Love *Harry Styles Love Story*

Marissa is determined to have the most amazing summer ever. Her family, along with her cousin, Louis Tomlinson's family go up to a lake house every summer. This year, Louis brings his four best mates. There's just one problem. Marissa can't stand Harry. And the feeling is mutual.


15. We can't

Harry's POV

"Is she your girlfriend?" One of the girls asked. I glanced over to Marissa, then back to the girls.

"I wish she was my girlfriend," I sighed.

"Why don't you just go for it? You're Harry Styles, why the hell would she say no?" The girl I learned to be Payton, laughed.

I shrugged. "I don't know, she just got out of a bad relationship and I don't want to push her," I answered. Why I'm talking to these girls I don't even know about my crush, I have no idea. But why not?


"You're also an amazing person in general," Rachel, the taller of the two said glaring at her friend. "She'll like you for you, not because you're Harry Styles from One Direction."

I grinned, looking over to Marissa talking to Kaycee. God, she was so beautiful. She wasn't even trying to look good, but she looked amazing. She just wore a T-shirt and a pair of shorts along with black flip flops, her hair in beachy waves.

"We're just really good friends," I told them, prying my eyes off of Marissa.

"Well, I hope she realizes what she's missing. You guys would be such a cute couple!"

I laughed. "Thanks," I said shyly, my cheeks turning pink.

"Aw, he's blushing!"

I covered my face with my hands, hoping Marissa wasn't hearing any of this conversation. "I really should get going," I said sadly. "Marissa looks pretty uncomfortable over there with her ex-boyfriend."

"That's who she just got out of a relationship with?"

"Yeah," I answered.

"You'd be an extreme upgrade from him."

I laughed. These girls were great, so funny. I loved how judgmental they were.

"Can I get your twitters, before you leave?" I asked them.

Their jaws dropped. "Of course!"

They wrote their twitter names on my arm and I promised to follow them later on. We said our goodbyes and I walked back towards the others.

Marissa smiled at me as I walked up next to her wrapping an arm around her waist. "Ready?" she asked.

The ride was a bit awkward in the beginning until Kaycee started to ask me some questions and starting conversation. Conner said no more than five words the entire time and they were only directed towards Kaycee. This is going to be one long week for him if he doesn't start getting along with everybody.




"We're back!" Marissa exclaimed as we walked into the house causing us to laugh and the other boys coming running into the front room.

"Marissa, you're back we missed you so much!" Louis screamed attacking her in a bear hug.

"Lou, I was only gone for two hours," she laughed.

"Right," he said letting her go and standing up straight. "Harry! You're back I missed you so much!" he repeated now attacking me in a hug.

"Okay Lou, yeah, I missed you too," I said pushing him off of me.

He grinned and then turned to Kaycee and Conner. "Kaycee! It's been so long! I've missed you so much!"

"Yeah, Lou, I think we get it," Kaycee chuckled, letting Louis wrap her up in a big hug anyway.

"Conner," Louis said his excitement completely drained from him as he glared at the boy.

"Louis," Conner said returning the glare.

"Okay," Marissa started to talk, obviously trying to cover the awkwardness in the room. "boys, this is my best friend, Kaycee and her boyfriend, Conner," she smiled. "Kaycee, Conner, this is Niall, Liam and Zayn, you already know Louis and Harry."

"Hello," Kaycee grinned.

I could tell she was a very cheerful person. Conner on the other hand, not so much.

The boys answered with polite hello's and Conner just nodded. I'm really starting to not like this Conner kid.

"Mum and Anne are cooking dinner right now," Louis informed us. "So, I say we should play Mario Kart!" he exclaimed.

"Are you kidding? You are way too obsessed with that game," Marissa laughed.

"Well, let's play anyway!" Louis said running down the stairs to the basement. The other boys laughed chasing after him.

"I can't believe we're doing this," Marissa complained as I dragged her down the stairs, Kaycee and Conner following behind us.

"Relax, it's only a four player game. You don't have to play," I reminded her.

I sat on the couch next to Marissa, Conner on the other side of me. Great. I put my arm around Marissa's shoulders, pulling her closer to me. You have no idea how badly I wish this was real. There's no way she actually likes me. She's obviously still in love with Conner. If she wasn't, she wouldn't care and we wouldn't be doing this.

The worst feeling in the world, is knowing the one you love, loves someone else.

Now, I'm not sure if it's love, but I definitely have strong feelings towards her. It's more than just a stupid little crush. I really really like her. But I have no way to really find out if she likes me too.

Louis handed the controllers out and glanced at the two of us with raised eyebrows. Oh right, we never told them. This is awkward...

Louis's lips curved into a smug smirk as he suggestively raised his eyebrows up twice. I rolled my eyes my cheeks heating up. "Explain later," I mouthed to him.


Marissa's POV


"Zayn, I swear to god the nest time you hit me with a fucking turtle shell I will- are you serious!? Really!? Another motherfucking turtle shell!?" Niall exclaimed throwing his controller down. "I give up. I just give up."

By now, I was laughing so hard tears were finding their way down my cheeks. This is how the last 20 minutes have been, and let me tell you, it was hilarious.

"Zayn! I gave up and you're still hitting me with turtles! You're killing turtles for no reason! What the fuck is wrong with you!?"

Zayn laughed as he passed Niall and the people in front of him taking second place against Liam. "You're not getting past me!"

"Sneak attack, bitches!" Louis exclaimed, laughing evilly as he inked Zayn and hit Liam with a turtle shell. "Now I'm winning!"

I can't believe their doing this. They go so hardcore on this game it's insane.

"Dinner's ready, everyone!" Jay yelled down the stairs.

"5 more minutes mum! Just let me finish beating the shit out of Liam and Zayn!" Louis called.

"Language Louis!"

He rolled his eyes as he crossed the finish line, Liam coming in second and Zayn in third. "Yay! I lost again!" Niall said sarcastically. "Thanks Zayn."

"Anytime buddy," Zayn smiled cheekily patting Niall on the back. Niall stuck his tongue out at Zayn. Wow, these boys are immature.



"So," Louis smirked. "what's going on between you and Harry?"

We had just finished dinner and Louis had dragged me back to my bedroom to explain why Harry and I were so cuddly.

"Nothing," I sighed. "absolutely nothing."


I rolled my eyes. "Okay, so I was skyping with Kaycee and I got jealous of her and Conner so I said I had a boyfriend too, and that he was Harry. So really, nothing is going on. It's all fake," I explained.

"Why'd you pick Harry?" He asked, that evil smirk re-occurring on his lips.

"Because he was the only one home at the time," I said, using the same pathetic lie that I told Harry. I was definitely not admitting that I had a crush on him. Louis would never let me live that down.

"Right," he said in a tone that made it seem like he didn't believe a word I was saying. "but you do like him."

I shook my head. "No, no, definitely not," I lied. I'm actually quite good at lying. I got out of a lot of things when I was younger. Louis always hated me for that. He's a terrible liar.

"I don't like him," I said trying to convince him.

"Yes, you do," he shot back.

"No, I don't."

"Stop lying to yourself. You like him and you know it!" he said pointing a finger at me, a smug smile on his face.

"Louis, I really don't like him that way, and even if I did, it wouldn't matter. He doesn't like me anyway," I said softly looking down.

He scoffed. "Of course he does. You both are just too blind to realize that you like each other!"

I rolled my eyes. There's absolutely no way Harry could like me. What's there to like? I'm nothing special. I actually kind of feel bad for making him act like he cares for me, when he probably doesn't.

I'm a mess. There's so much wrong in my life, I don't need to drag him into it too.

I don't want to get too attached either. He's going to have to leave at some point. If I don't get attached, it won't hurt as much when he has to leave.

We can't be together, no matter how badly we want to. We just can't.


A/N: So, I know you probably all hate me for never updating and you have no idea how bad I feel about it! I do have a couple more idea though, now. So expect more updates:) Although, if I don't get feedback, I won't update. Thank you for reading, I love you all so much! xx





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