Summer Love *Harry Styles Love Story*

Marissa is determined to have the most amazing summer ever. Her family, along with her cousin, Louis Tomlinson's family go up to a lake house every summer. This year, Louis brings his four best mates. There's just one problem. Marissa can't stand Harry. And the feeling is mutual.


6. Embarrassment

Marissa's POV

Embarrassed. The worst feeling in the world. I hated it so much. That feeling you get when your cheeks turn red and you just want to hide away from the rest of the world. You feel stupid, useless, horrible and humiliated. That's exactly what I felt right now.

After the little incident that just happened, I had scurried out of the pool and over to my lounge chair ignoring the boys calls saying, 'It was a joke,' or 'don't take things to seriously, we were just messing around'. I layed down on my stomach burrying my head in my arms not wanting to be bothered.

Harry almost kissed me, as a joke, so he would win. The worst part is, I fell for it. I don't know why I would ever actually think he wanted to kiss me, but for some unknown reason, I did. And why did I lean in too? Did I want to kiss him? No. I definitley didn't want to kiss him, it was just a spurr of the moment kind of thing.

Harry is an arrogant, cocky, self-centered jerk who only thinks of himself. There is no way I have feelings for him.

"Marissa?" I heard Harry's voice ask form behind me. I rolled my eyes before flipping to my side to see him sitting on the lounge chair next to mine. He leaned his elbows on his knees with his chin in his hands. "What?" I snapped.

He sighed. "Look, i'm sorry. I didn't mean to embarrass you or anything." He said flipping his soaking wet hair out of his face, causing little water droplets to hit me. I rolled my eyes. "Whatever." I mumbled turning back so I was lying on my stomach again.

He groaned. "Marissa, don't you see i'm trying!? I'm trying to get along with you! It's not fair to the others for us to be fighting all the time, it's just going to ruin their summer." He said exhasperated. I sighed turning to face him again.

"What even caused us to hate each other in the first place?" He asked softly. I rolled my eyes, how can he not remember? "You came with Louis to a family thing and i'm pretty sure you were hitting on me. I wasn't interested and I showed it pretty well. You were pissed because I didn't give in to your 'charm'. You were cocky and rude and arrogant and self-centered and I absolutley hated it." I explained.

I looked up at him noticing a slight blush on cheeks as he bit his lip. "I remember now...the first thing you said to me was 'I really hope you're gay, i'm not in the mood to be hit on'." He chuckled. I smiled remembering that day.

Harry gasped dramatically. "Is that a smile!? Did you just smile at something I said?" I rolled my eyes giggling. He gasped again. "And a laugh!? You do realize you're talking to me, right?" He chcukled. "Yeah, i'm pretty sure that's the first time that's ever happened." I said.

He smiled. "So, do you think we can be friends?" He asked biting his lip. I smiled and nodded. "I guess so."

He grinned and motioned for me to get up. I groaned. "Can't I just stay here and tan?" I pleaded. He shook his head. "Nope!" "Too bad, i'm staying!" I exclaimed sticking my tongue out and lying back down on the chair. He sighed and walked away.

A moment later I felt hands lifting under my knees and around my shoulders. "Harry! Put me down!" I exclaimed trying to squirm out of his grasp as he held me bridal style, sauntering towards the pool.

"Harold Edward Styles if you drop me in this pool I will-"

"You will what?" He asked smirking. "I will rip your dick off and attatch it to your ass!" I threatened. He rolled his eyes. "You would like that wouldn't you?" He smirked. I gasped before he dropped me into the pool.

"Harry!" I exclaimed after re-surfacing. He cracked up clapping his hands while I glared daggers at him. I realized the rest of the boys were laughing too and I slapped the water angerly.

"Oh shut up! It was not that funny!"

"Actually, it kind of was." Zayn laughed. I rolled my eyes.

"You guys are so annoying." I muttered climbing out of the pool and grabbing my towel. "I'm hungry, Who wants to go with me to get food?" I asked ringing my hair out. Harry immediately raised his hand. "I'll come!" I smiled running a hand through my hair before walking inside, Harry following. "Get changed, we'll go to Nandos." I told him as we entered our room.

"Wait!" He screamed jumping in front of me to stop me from walking. I raised my eyebrows. "What?" "I wanna pick out your outfit!" He smiled cheekily. I rolled my eyes. "As long as I won't get arrested or raped, go ahead." He cheered rushing into our room.

"And! I get to pick out your outfit!" I added. He groaned causing me to giggle. I skipped into the room and stood next to Harry at our closet, that we sadly had to share. I turned my head to Harry and saw him staring intently at my clothes with a determined expression on his face.

"Don't peak!" He exclaimed covering my eyes with his hands. I giggled. "Okay, okay! I won't look!" He smiled and let go of my face. "Good girl." He said patting my head. I scrunched my eyebrows at his strange actions.

I shook it off and turned to my closet and once again, looking out of the corner of my eyes to try and see what he was picking out. "Cheater!" He exclaimed pointing an accusing finger at me. "What!?" He shook his head. "Get out of my closet!" He exclaimed pointing to my bed, kinda like what he did on X-Factor when he said, 'Get out of my kitchen!'.

I giggled walking to the bed and sitting down on the edge. "Put your face in the pillow." he ordered. I groaned but obeyed.

A few minutes later, I felt a massive amount of pressure on my bum. "Harry Styles, are you standing on my bum!?" I shrieked. I could tell he was smirking, without even having to see his face.

"Maybe." He responded. "You do realize, if I move, you'll fall, right?" I smirked. "Yeah, but you wouldn't-" I cut him off by flipping myself around, causing him to fall to floor. "Ow." He muttered before standing up and rubbing his bum.

"Oops." I shrugged. He rolled his eyes. "Yeah, yeah...anyways, here!" He handed me a purple crop top with a picture of One Direction on it, pause for eye roll, a pair of my favorite Holister shorts and light purple TOMs. "Of course, you would pick a shirt with you on it." I giggled.

"Annnnnd, I thought you hated me?" He smirked holding up a bracelet that said 'I <3 Harry Styles'

I rolled my eyes feeling my cheeks heat up a bit. "The only reason I have that is because my friend got it for me along with all the other boys' bracelets.'' I told him snatching it out of his hand.

"Mhmmm, sure." He said sarcatically. "Oh shut up." I muttered throwing it back on my dresser. He shook his head picking it up again. "You're wearing it!" He told me slipping it onto my wrist. I groaned. "My turn!" I exclaimed skipping over to the closet.

"Go shove your face in a pillow!" I said pointing to the bed. He laughed and fell onto the bed putting his face in a pillow.

I looked through his clothes picking out a redish, bluish, yellowish plaid cuffed shirt, with a pair of dark skinny jeans and white converse.

(I love this picture sooo much!)

I walked over to his bed and stood on his bum as he did to me. "Ugh..." He groaned. "Marissa! You know, if I flip around you fall, right?" He asked mimicking me. I rolled my eyes. "I'm aware. But you wouldn't do that to a girl." I smirked. "Really?" He asked as he flipped around sending me flying to the ground. I landed on the carpeted floor with a thump.

"Harry!" I exclaimed glaring at him while he laughed hysterically. I threw the clothes at him and stood up. "Get changed, I'm hungry." I muttered grabbing my clothes and walking into the bathroom.

After I was done changing I brushed through my hair fish tailing it to the side and walked out. "You take so long!" Harry groaned. I rolled my eyes grabbing my wristlet and walking down the stairs with Harry trailing behind. "I'm driving!" Harry exclaimed grabbing Louis' car keys from the coffee table.

"You don't want me driving anyways." I chuckled. He scrunched his eyebrows together. "Why not?" He asked as he opened the passenger door for me. I raised my eyebrows. "What?" He asked a small smile creeping to his lips. "Nothing." I shrugged. "Its just going to take some time to get used to you being nice to me."

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