Summer Love *Harry Styles Love Story*

Marissa is determined to have the most amazing summer ever. Her family, along with her cousin, Louis Tomlinson's family go up to a lake house every summer. This year, Louis brings his four best mates. There's just one problem. Marissa can't stand Harry. And the feeling is mutual.


3. Disorders

Marissa's POV

We were still at the beach, we only had an hour left before we were going to leave. I was on my blanket tanning while the boys played football (soccer). I sat up seeing Harry flirting with an ugly blond chick in a bikini that was probably three sizes too small. I smirked and stood up making my way over to them.

I wrapped my arms around his waist and kissed his neck. "Hey baby, what are you doing?" I purred. The chick looked at him in disgust and then looked to me with confusion in her eyes. "I thought you were single." She said to Harry. He pried my arms off of him and shook his head.

"I am! She's just a friend, I swear." He told her. I crossed my arms over my chest. "If I'm just a friend how do I know what your lips taste like?" I lied making the blond girl cringe. He rolled his eyes and looked back to her. "Don't beleive her, she's just messing." He said running a hand through his hair.

"Right..." She said sarcastically and walked away. He turned to glare at me and I smiled innocently. "What?" I asked. He rolled his eyes. "What was that for?" He asked throwing his hands up in the air. "Payback." I smirked and walked back up to the blanket where all the boys were now packing up.

"We're leaving?" I asked sadly. Louis nodded stuffing the towels in a bag. "We're going to go out for lunch." He told me. I nodded and put my clothes back on the boys doing the same.

When we got back to the house, Jay and Anne were in the lounge watching T.V. "We're going out for lunch!" Louis called to them. I walked into our room looking through my suitcase for something to wear. I heard Louis and Harry come in after me probably looking for clothes too.

I picked a cute white crop top with the british flag on it and fringe at the bottom with a pair of jean shorts. I turned around and saw Harry laying on the bed smirking. "Don't mind me." He smiled. I rolled my eyes. "Out!" He pouted but left closing the door. I really hate his flirty side. 

I quickly changed and curled my hair slightly. I coated my eyelashes in mascara and lined my waterline in eye liner. I lightly put some white eyeshadow on my lids and I was done. Not too much. I grabbed my phone and stuffed it in my bra slipping into my flip flops and walked into the lounge.

"Why do you always take so long to get ready?" Louis asked. I rolled my eyes. "It takes time to look good!" I heard Harry mumble something incoherent. "Let's go! I'm hungry!" Niall exclaimed running out the door.

Harry's POV

The lads and I were all ready and we were just waiting on Marissa to be done getting ready. Louis wants me to at least try to be nice to her. We don't have to be friends, but he doesn't want us fighting al the time since he knows it will eventually happen if we are around one another too much. We haven't been fighting much yet, but it's bound to happen. Normally we can't go a minute with out yelling at each other.

So I'll try my best to get along with her. It's not a bad idea right? At least our summer won't suck as much as being around someone you can't stand all the time.

A few minutes later she walked out stuffing her phone in her bra. We all stiffled our laughter. Why do girls always put their phones in their bras?? That's something I will never understand. "Why does it always take so long for you to get ready?" Louis whined. She rolled her eyes. "It takes time to look good!"

You always look good. I wanted to say. I hate to say it, but it's true. She is honestly really pretty, and you'd be stupid if you couldn't see that. That does not mean I have a crush on her. It's just a fact that she's beautiful. Though looks can't cover up a nasty personality.

We stopped at a Burger King, the lads and I ordered Big Macs while Marissa just ordered french fries. Is she seriously not going to eat? She barely had breakfast.

We sat at a table in the back. Me in between Niall and Zayn, Liam, Marissa and Louis across from us. I noticed Marissa was really quiet and she was eating her french fries slowly.

I took my phone out and texted Louis.

Is Marissa okay? She's barely eating...


She's never really had much of an appetite it's normal for her.

Maybe that's why she's so skinny. She doesn't eat a lot. I didn't really notice it before but now that I think about it, she did look really skinny, and not in the good way. I don't remember her being that skinny.

Maybe it's nothing and I'm just overthinking it. I decided to just leave it, it's none of my business anyways. I jumped into the conversation since I had zoned out a bit.

Marissa's POV

I ate my french fries slowly and looked up seeing Harry looking at me intensely. Like he was trying to figure something out. I raised my eyebrows at him and he looked down taking out his phone and texted someone. Confusion hit me but I shook it off.

"You okay?" Liam asked me looking concerned. I smiled and nodded. "Yeah, why?" He shrugged. "You're just really quiet." I shrugged. "And you're barely eating." He pointed out. I bit my lip and just shrugged again. "Marissa? Is there something going on? You can tell me." He said sincerely. I sighed. "It's nothing really.'' I told him. He nodded. "If you ever wanna talk, I'm here." He told me giving me a small smile before returning to his conversation with Niall and Zayn.

I wasn't hungry much anymore so I stood up throwing the rest of my fries away. The boys all looked at me concerned, especially Niall. "Did you just throw away perfectly good fries?" Niall asked astonished. I giggled. "You should have given them to me!" "Sorry Ni." I said giggling lightly.

"I need to talk to you when we get back." Louis whispered in my ear. I furrowed my eyebrows but nodded.

We made our way back to the beach house and as soon as we got there Louis pulled me into our bedroom closing the door behind him. "Are you okay?" He asked worriedly. I furrowed my eyebrows. Why does everyone ask that? "I'm fine Lou, why?" He sighed leading me over to the bed and sitting me next to him.

"Please tell me you're not doing this again." He plead softly. "Doing what??" I asked, though I had an idea what he was talking about. "Marissa, you know what I'm talking about." I sighed. "I'm not starving myself, I promise." I told him. "Please, if you ever feel like that again, just tell me. We'll do something about it. Just please don't hurt yourself." He told me. I nodded but where is this all coming from?

I bet you're really confused right now. Well...a few years ago, something tragic happened. It changed my life forever. I was depressed, wouldn't talk to anyone unless I absolutely had to. I rarely ate and got to the point where I was almost anorexic. It was so bad, I had to go to the hospital because I was starving myself. I lost almost half of my weight, and I didn't weigh very much in the first place.

Louis was really upset, not mostly at me but at what I had done to myself. I was so small and fragile, he felt as though I would brake if he so much as hugged me. He was confused, but so was I. He helped me get better, I gained most of my weight back, I was eating and having fun. I guess, for some reason, today was just not a good day for me and I was thinking about what had happened years ago. It still gets to me, a lot.

"I'm not going to hurt myself Louis. I never want to go through that again." I told him honestly. "Good," He nodded. "Don't ever do that again. It scares me, and our families.'' He told me pulling me in for a hug. I nodded. "I won't."


A/N: Hey guys, I just noticed all the typos in the previous chapters and I'm really sorry about that! I tried to make sure there were no typos in this one and if there is, i'm really sorry! Anyways...I hope you liked it! Tell me what you think! Thanks! Byexx



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