This is for the Twilight competition, and it's from Renesmee's perspective, telling the story from the point that the Volturi enter. I hope you enjoy it!


1. They Came. And I ran.

I had always known that I was lucky. I had a Momma, I had a Dad, and I had Jacob. 

You never remember meeting your parents for the first time because you are only minutes old, but as you grow up you continually meet new faces, new people, people that you know you will love forever.

But the funny thing is, I don't remember meeting Jacob.

Maybe he was just always there, so by the time I was born he was already an unfaltering presence in my parent's lives, and he wasn't going anywhere.

But deep down, I know that Jacob is special. I know that he will be beside me for every day of my life, and I am grateful for that. 

Now, standing beside my huge, gigantic wolf for a friend, I am more grateful than ever. The bitter snow came down in soft little q-tip shapes, covering the whole of the frozen ground in white. I shivered, despite already being cold because of what I was, and Jacob moved closer beside me.

He was so warm. So unbelievably, sensationally warm. His russet fur was soft but rough at the same time, and as I was stroking it Jacob licked my face playfully. I giggled, and it sounded horribly eerie in the silence that surrounded us as we waited. Immediately the whole of my family's heads sharply turned towards us. I thought I could see my Dad's eyes narrow slightly, but I wasn't quite sure.

Why were we waiting?

Momma had tried to explain before, but I was too saddened by her expression to tell her that I didn't understand, and Dad had been busy most days with Emmet and Jasper, so I just watched them panic and fuss and look at me as if I was a burden.

Not that Momma and Dad looked at me like that, but the others did.

There were so many people at home nowadays that it didn't even feel like home anymore. It's hard with that many people milling around every minute of every day, being busy, too many things to do to notice me. Most nights I had slept on the couch.

A sudden hiss from Dad stopped me feeling sorry for myself. I thought it was because he could read my thoughts, and I lowered my head shamefully. But then everyone began hissing, and automatically I knew that they were coming.

Not that I completely understood who they were either, but hissing meant danger, and I whimpered slightly, cowering behind Jacob. I didn't want this. I couldn't die.

I didn't know what I was doing.

Death had knocked all the sense out of me, and replaced it with stupidity of the highest degree.

They came. And I ran.



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