This is for the Twilight competition, and it's from Renesmee's perspective, telling the story from the point that the Volturi enter. I hope you enjoy it!


2. I Was Lucky.

Running, racing, tearing through the virescent forest, I took a look back to the clump of vampires I had left behind me. Where was I going? The question lay unanswered in my head as I shot up to top speed and took a left turn towards a beautiful meadow filled with elegant purple flowers.

I took a step back.

This was the meadow.

I had seen it so often in Momma's head that I didn't need to speculate, but I did. This was a place of happiness. This was a place of safety.

"Beautiful Renesmee."

I froze. That was not Momma's voice. Or Dad's voice. Or any voice I knew.

"Come over here, Renesmee." He said.

I stood up slowly, and turned around, my nut-brown hair blowing softly in the wind. A momentous looking man was standing tall a couple of metres away. His eyes were not like Momma's or Dad's, his were a bright red, cold and savage looking next to his snow white skin. I looked at him for a moment, taking in his grey coat, his long liquorice waterfall that flowed right down to his shoulders and his beguiling smile.

Despite my best instincts, I walked over to him. He beamed at me, and took my face in his frozen palms. "Little Renesmee," he said, in a voice like cooling bacon grease, "My name is Aro."

How did he know my name?

"Hello, Aro," I immediately answered, as politely as my parents had taught me from birth. He nodded his approval. Then he looked down at me hard. "I'm sorry Renesmee, that I have to do this."

Aro knelt down to my height, and took both my hands in his. His face lit up as he saw my thoughts. "Oh my, what a wonderful gift!" He exclaimed, and then mumbled delicately, "What a waste."

Panicking, I turned around, ready to run away again, but Aro caught my arm and gripped it hard. I cried out in pain, as I was still only half human, and vampires were strong. Even Momma had to be a bit gentle with me. Aro looked at me sharply. 

"Does that hurt?"

I nodded, brushing tears away from my eyes. Aro looked even more shocked at this, and murmured something to himself. From what I could catch of it, it was something to do with him being wrong about something. I wiped away the tears from my face and stood up tall, trying to act strong, trying to look like a vampire. Maybe then this man would take me back to my parents and I could live as normal. I clutched my gold locket that was hung around my neck.

Aro looked around him quickly, maybe to check that no one was listening, and whispered in my ear, "Look, they're going to kill you anyway. If I do it now, you won't feel a thing. I promise."

What he was saying still hadn't reached me until he took my face again between his palms. Aro closed his eyes, and smiled slightly. 

"No!" I shouted, "No! I don't want this!"

I could feel a brittle sensation in my skull, as if it was beginning to crumble. I cried out, for my Momma, for my Dad, for Jacob, for anyone to save me from my pain. 

Aro gave one last grimace. 

Then it was over.

I could feel my soul softly slip out of my broken  body and wisp up into the trees. I looked down as Aro picked up my body and throw it down on a pile of twigs and moss. Then there was fire, and huge purple looms of smoke drifted upwards to the empty grey sky.

My body was burning.

"Look after Momma," I whispered to the trees, "Look after Dad. And Jacob too. Don't let this nasty man kill them." 

A few moments ago, I could have been described as a lucky girl, with two parents and a best friend who was also a wolf.

And now...

Well, I was lucky, but not any more.

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