A Day In My Life

There's always a one person in your life that changes how you feel, think, or do.


1. A Day In My Life

There's always one person in your life

That changes how you feel, think, or do

You want their love more then anything

You need them to be a friend


When they walk into your life

To be there for you

That shows respect

Won't walk away


Take us as we are

Mistakes and all

Will forgive and forget

That will hold your hand


Help us to stand

We talk to that person

They listen and understand

Not put pressure on us


Do not lead us on

Always there for us

No matter what

We do or say


The day in my life was

When I met you

I knew from the start

That you was the best thing


That ever happened to me

I had been hurt so much

I did not trust

You changed all that


You changed me

I wanted to be the kind of person

You would be proud of

I was for awhile


Then you changed

I still do not know

What happened

You will not tell me


Just shut me out

I hurt so much

All I can do is pray

Someday you will find out the truth


I would not hurt you

Or stop loving you

For anything or anyone

I got out of that day

The best friend I ever had


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